Modules used

Automatic Categorization

None (because template used for articles in both Category:Places and Category:Levels)


All fields are optional, but fill in as much as possible

|image			=Image. Usual syntax
|caption		=Image caption
|title			=Example
|full_name		=Full name of place / level. If equals to {{{title}}} it will not display the row
|meaning		=Derivation / meaning of English name
|jap_name		=Japanese name and transliteration
|jap_meaning		=Derivation / meaning of Japanese name
|jap_link		=Takes values 0 or any text string. 0 toggles linking to off. any other value makes it link to that value instead of jap_name
|appearance		=Games level has featured in
|theme			=Theme of level
|world			=World level is in e.g. World 3 or Water Land
|music			=Music. Use Youtube tag/parser function
|treasure		=Treasures obtainable
|collectibles		=Collectibles other than treasure e.g. crystal shards etc
|icon                   =Icon for level
|boss			=Bosses
|common enemies		=Regular enemies
|mini-boss		=Minibosses
|notes			=Special notes about level
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