Used to define specific infoboxes:



|infobox_class = optional field. All infoboxes always have the class "infobox". This can inject another class definition.
|noclear = optional field. Sets clearing property. 1 = clear, defaults to zero.
|color1 = main color
|color2 = secondary color
|bordercolor = outer border color
|titlewidth = width of first column. If not defined, defaults to automatic
|toptitle = (optional field - sets the title appearing at the top)
|title = {{{title|{{PAGENAME}}}}}
|image = {{{image|[[File:Image_Needed.png|100px|center|link=Special:Upload|Upload Image]][[Category:Articles in need of images]]}}}
|caption = {{{caption|}}}
|1t= title of parameter, or use it as a full-width row
|1 = (parameter 1)
|1a= displayed header for parameter 1

... and so on, supports up to number 20 i.e. 60 parameters. Add more rows if you need more

|1S = Styling parameters (capital S following cell code). Directly injects standard formatting entered here into the relevant cells

... and so on, likewise supports up to number 20.

|category =[[Category:1]][[Category:2]]
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