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Automatic Categorization


All fields are optional, but fill in as much as possible

|us_boxart		=
|pal_boxart		=
|jap_boxart		=Usual image syntax.
|us_logo		=
|pal_logo		=
|jap_logo		=
|image			=Overrides the boxart/logo. If this field is entered, even if left blank, boxart and logo will not show. This is used for single-image displays or when box art is not relevant.
|caption		=Caption for image. Only displays if {{{image}}} is defined
|title			=Main title shown in the infobox. Defaults to PAGENAME if not entered. 
|ntsc_title		=Title in NTSC regions. Will not show if value is equal to {{{title|PAGENAME}}}. And, if {{{pal_title}}} is equal to this value, this row's title designates both PAL and NTSC
|pal_title		=Title in PAL regions. Will not show if value is equal to {{{title|PAGENAME}}}. If equal to {{{ntsc_title}}} then this will not show. 
|jap_title		=Japanese title
|jap_link		=Takes values 0 or any text string. 0 toggles linking to off. any other value makes it link to that value instead of jap_title
|translation		=Translation of Japanese title
|publisher		=Publisher
|released		=System released on and local release dates
|re-released		=Subsequent re-releases (systems and dates)
|genre			=Genre
|modes			=Playing modes
|ratings		=Various ratings
|price          	=Price of game at launch ($)
|platforms		=Platforms released on
|categorize		=Takes values 0, 1, notgame. If 0, no categorization. If "notgame", only categorizes into [[:Category:Title]]. If omitted or 1, categorizes into [[:Category:Games]] as well.