• bg – Main background (white default).
  • border – border bg color
  • image – an image. Must use {{!}} for a | break symbol in image syntax.
  • titlebg – bgcolor of where it says character-infobox, the pagename.
  • title – default pagename, unless you fill this one in otherwise...
  • secbg – the alternating bg color in the rows, next to the white
  • full_name – only fill in if there's a different full name than the pagename.
  • first_appearance – Game, TV, etc.
  • ability – i.e., Sword, Parasol, etc. Link to the ability
  • Point Value – The amount of points an enemy gives after defeat.
  • Category – i.e., Regular Enemy, Mini Boss, Boss, etc.
  • helper icon – The Helper's icon

All of these can be left blank and will not show, but fill in as much of the details as possible, of course.

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