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<noinclude>{{PrepSync|Database/KTD/LSwitch|r1=Switch}}</noinclude>[[Green Greens (Dedede's Drum Dash)|Green Greens]] %% [[Gourmet Go Go (Dedede's Drum Dash)|Gourmet Go Go]] %% [[Dedede's Theme (Dedede's Drum Dash)|Dedede's Theme]] %% [[Distant Traveler (Dedede's Drum Dash)|Distant Traveler]]<noinclude>[[Category:Database/KTD/Levels]][[Category:Database/Levels]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{PrepSync|Database/KTD/LSwitch|r1=Switch}}</noinclude>[[Green Greens (Dedede's Drum Dash)|Green Greens]] %% [[Gourmet Go Go]] %% [[Dedede's Theme]] %% [[Distant Traveler]]<noinclude>[[Category:Database/KTD/Levels]][[Category:Database/Levels]]</noinclude>

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  • Database/KTD/LSwitch | Reason: Switch

    Green Greens %% Gourmet Go Go %% Dedede's Theme %% Distant Traveler

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