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This template creates a button within the article space / templates in the same style as the menu buttons. These work in Oasis by default, and in Monobook as the appropriate CSS and JS have been imported. See Mediawiki:Monobook.css and Mediawiki:Monobook.js for details.

Usage should be very selective i.e. only in situations where having a stylized button would be ideal - there aren't many places at all where such situations exist within actual articles. Its intended use is within certain templates.

See all button templates based on this one: Category:Buttons


These are just examples for the syntax of this template - this is not where and how the buttons are supposed to be used. Please refrain from using this template in personal pages or as signatures, as Wikia changes their class definitions and how buttons are constructed every now and then, and CSS pages have reflect that change for menus to remain the same - this means deleting some of the previous class definitions and potentially breaks substituted instances of this template.

Full code

 |1 = button link - this works like any other link in the wiki e.g. [[Kirby (character)|Kirby]]
 |dropdown = 1 - this toggles the button dropdown. If set to "0" or left out, the dropdown will not appear
 |2 = 
 |3 = 
 |4 = These are all dropdown-list elements. Likewise, insert any link
 |5 = 
 |6 = 
 |style = injects styling into the main button span. Insert as if you're typing into <span style="(here);"></span>
 |clearafter = 1 - toggles text clearing. Normally text follows where the button span ends. This makes it go to a new line

Short form

For the basic button

{{Button|[[Kirby|Kirby Kirby Kirby]]}}

Kirby Kirby Kirby

For the button with drop-down

{{Button|[[Kirby|Articles related to Kirby]]|dropdown=1|[[Kirby (species)|Kirby's species]]|[[Meta Knight]]|[[Batamon]]}}
Articles related to Kirby


{{Button|[[Kirby|Kirby Kirby Kirby]]}}Following text

{{Button|[[Kirby|Kirby Kirby Kirby]]|clearafter = 1}}This clears following text

Kirby Kirby KirbyFollowing text

Kirby Kirby Kirby
This clears following text

Style injection

Preceding text{{Button|[[Kirby|Kirby Kirby Kirby]]}}

This gives it a margin{{Button|[[Kirby|Kirby Kirby Kirby]]|style=margin-left: 20px}}

Preceding textKirby Kirby Kirby

This gives it a marginKirby Kirby Kirby

Icon support

Unfortunately, icons are not really supported as time. Text links and icons are mutually exclusive - you can't have one without the other, as both are included under the CSS definition ".wikia-menu-buttons ul a", which is defined as "display: block;"