Use the Fire Engine Metamortex to take on the devious traps in Temper Temple. Ride over pools of lava and battle through pillars of fire. Use a steady spray of water to wash away troublesome Embas, and be on the lookout for small eruptions in the lava. Massive Embacondas are protecting valuable treasures, so don't hesitate to fight fire with Fire Engine!
— Official guide

Temper Temple is the fourteenth stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It is the sixth stage and first bonus stage in Hot Land, the third level in the game. It comes after Hot Wings and precedes Dusk Dunes. The stage is unlocked by obtaining a sufficient number of Beads in Hot Wings.

It takes place inside an active volcano on Patch Land, likely the same one which Kirby journeyed through earlier in Lava Landing, but this time there is an imminent eruption and the area has become even more dangerous, with lava (fire) vents all over the place.

Temper Temple shares the same music as Lava Landing.


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The Fire Engine Metamortex is obtained at the very beginning of the stage. The player must then drive onto a platform which will begin moving when he/she drives onto it. On the platform he/she can shoot water to access beads and defeat Embas. After a while, the player must drive off to an area where he/she can fight an Embaconda to get the first treasure. There will be another platform like the one mentioned earlier which the player should drive onto afterwards. The player will fight more enemies while putting out fires. Then the platform will begin to escalate. He/she can fight another Embaconda to get the second treasure, then go onto another platform which will split in two. There is another area like this after this one, and it is more difficult. The player gets the third treasure from yet another Embaconda in this area. The Bonus Bell appears soon after.


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