Telepathos is a mid-boss appearing only in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Physical Appearance

Telepathos has a white, horse shoe-shaped structure body with lines pulsating with energy that scrolls through different colors. Telepathos also has two three-fingered hands, which also pulsate with energy. It has two eyes; each having a blue iris.

In Meta Knightmare Returns and The True Arena, Telepathos' body appears black in color.


When fighting Telepathos, he can shoot energy balls at Kirby. He can do this in a number of ways; he can directly shoot them at Kirby, shoot them on the ground one at a time while teleporting and have them stick before exploding, feint out Kirby by posing and shoot multiple directly below him, and summon multiple to orbit around him. The shots will always number from three to five. Telepathos can also fly at Kirby from either in the background or in a U-shaped Arc in the foreground. When diving at Kirby while surrounded by orbs in the foreground, he will perform a short loop in order to catch Kirby off guard. Sometimes he will make a short charging sound from one side of the screen before dashing across and suddenly coming back the way he came. Finally, Telepathos can fire a group of four orbs across the top of the screen a short distance, warping to the whole cluster and hitting them to the background, and then sending all of the gathered orbs hurtling at Kirby from the background.


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