What was that awful crash I heard out there on the island? Were you climbing the Teetering Tree? You'll have to keep watch for the tiny Rhino Beetle that lives on its bark. When the beetle flies away, that's your cue that you have to balance the tree at once!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

The Teetering Tree is a location the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

General Information

The Teetering Tree is the tallest tree in a forest just outside King Dedede's vacation castle. The tree stands on a precarious base, causing it to be unbalanced. Though it appears to be mostly living, the inside of the tree is hollowed out, and its walls have large holes bored in them.


Kirby Mass Attack

In Stage 11 of Dedede Resort, the Kirbys scale the Teetering Tree. The inhabitants of the tree—Mosomosos and Gobchomplins—attack them as they proceed. The group must avoid various traps and dangers, such as rolling spike balls. Most importantly, the Kirbys must distribute its weight carefully during the climb; if the tree sways to one side for too long, it collapses, KOing them. If this happens, Daroach flies his airship over to the Kirbys and gives them advice on how to avoid this on future attempts. However, tilting the tree correctly in the right places can allow the Kirbys to collect items such as fruit as well as a medal in one location.

The player is encouraged to use the Rhino Beetles dwelling in the tree as a visual cue for when to balance it. Near the end of the stage, the Kirbys tilt the Teetering Tree too far to right in an effort to ring a bell held by a Birdee. This collapses the tree, but the Kirbys are saved when Big Birdee hears to bell and catches them.

The Skull Tower, the lair of the Skullys located in Volcano Valley, operates in an extremely similar way to the Teetering Tree.


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