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Narrator "This is a story of a faraway realm from long, long ago... A beautiful, peaceful land called the Dream Kingdom. Peace, though, can vanish in a flash... Can you defend the Dream Kingdom from a sudden onslaught of enemies? Set forth and do battle, Team Kirby!"

The Grasslands

Character Image Dialogue
Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "Hello, pink stranger! You must be Kirby. Thank you for stepping up to protect the Dream Kingdom. You're a real hero!"
Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "What am I talking about, you ask? Colossal Waddle Dee has suddenly gone berserk over in the Grasslands... We don't know what to do! Can you stop the attack and save our kingdom?"
Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "Press ↑ to check the Quest Board to your left. Your team can set out from there. Now get on your way...and be careful!"

(Team Kirby defeats Colossal Waddle Dee)

Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "Welcome back! Thank you for defeating Colossal Waddle Dee! But many more enemies continue to rampage throughout our land... We must rely on you, Kirby!"
Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "There's something else you ought to know... The Gem Apple Tree has matured! That means it's time for the first Gem Apple harvest. Here, take some!"

(Kirby receives five Gem Apples)

Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "I expect the next harvest to be ready in 12 hours!"
Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "Gem Apples are very useful, you see. They recharge your vigor so you can keep going on quests. They can also unlock quests that are closed to you. They can even be used for shopping at the Shoppe!"
Bandana Waddle Dee TKCD Bandana Waddle Dee Head "Don't forget that you can press ↑ to speak to me or inspect what you find in the village. Oh, and the owner of the Shoppe was looking for you. Go on over and say hello!"

(Kirby visits the Shoppe for the first time)

Magolor TKCD Magolor Head "Well, look what we have here! You must be Kirby. I hear you're a newcomer to the Dream Kingdom. My name is Magolor! I'm the owner of this Shoppe."
Magolor TKCD Magolor Head "What's the Shoppe, you ask? Well, we sell weapons, armor, support items... and those wonderful little Gem Apples! You can use them a ton of different ways. Take your time and take a look!"

The Dunes

Narrator "Team Kirby has triumphed in its first ordeal. With this, a new path opens to the Ruins, revealing new quests. New foes have also colonized the Grasslands and the Dunes. With no time to feed their rumbling bellies, the heroes press onward."

The Ruins

Narrator "Having conquered the second ordeal, Team Kirby now faces even more powerful enemies. The way to a new region, the Volcano, has become clear. The battles will grow increasingly heated!"

The Volcano

Narrator "Journeying through the kingdom, Team Kirby hears whispers of a mage whose spells provoke enemy attacks. That mage is said to lurk in the Empyrean, where dragons nest. Following the clues, Team Kirby heads for its dizzying heights."

The Empyrean

Narrator "Team Kirby vanquished Taranza, but even that did not quiet the enemies rampaging through the kingdom. The Guardian Angel has reawakened and renewed its attack! At last, Team Kirby's battle for peace in the kingdom reaches its climax!"

Decisive Battlefield

Narrator "Thanks to Team Kirby, peace was finally returned to the Dream Kingdom. But the days of quiet were numbered... Suddenly a dimensional rift appeared, revealing an otherworldly invader. Go, Team Kirby! Take up arms and once again fight to save the world."

(Team Kirby begins Tough: The Final Battle)

Narrator "The one who summoned the invader from another dimension was none other than Taranza, who plotted while hidden in apparent defeat. He has summoned the giant mirror as his final weapon, gazing not only upon its shimmering surface but the dark shadows lurking within..."

(Team Kirby defeats King D-Mind in Toughest: The True Final Battle)

Narrator "And so, the king of darkness—who sprang from the ugliness of the black mirror—has been sealed in a far-off dimension by Team Kirby. Taranza is now free of the mirror's magic and has returned to normal. Now, at last, peace will return to the Dream Kingdom...

But they remain on guard... After all, who knows when another evil might arise? Don't worry, though... Team Kirby of the Dream Kingdom will be there to keep them all safe!"

Note: Nonessential dialogue is excluded from this transcript. Included Bandana Waddle Dee and Magolor dialogue plays automatically but is technically not a part of cutscenes.