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It's cool when you wave!
— Teacher Creature  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (Japanese version only)

Teacher Creature is an education-themed monster created at Nightmare Enterprises, appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Physical Appearance

Teacher Creature first appears as a top hat which resembles a graduation cap. The hat has black and green coloring within a zigzag pattern on its top. In his true form, his body resembles an upside down version of his hat form. He wears a long flowing green robe with a black zig-zag trim on the bottom and a large square fabric base. The arms of his robe have yellow linings, and he has black, flappy hands. He also holds a baton, which he uses to whip his students. He wears a red hat with black linings, and a black, flat ponytail is held out by a yellow braid. Teacher Creature also has a red talisman with yellow linings and yellow writing on it (which was edited out of the dub).

General Information

Teacher Creature appears in the episode eNeMeE Elementary. Posing a simple hat, he makes anyone who wears it angry and violent. The teachers conduct quite dangerously under the hat's influence; even Tiff was affected by it when Kirby accidentally put the hat on her head. After Tuff knocked the hat off of Tiff's head, the hat transformed into Teacher Creature's true form: a hat-shaped monster. In his true form, he jumps on enemies and attacks by hitting them with his golf baton. He can also fight by rapidly throwing chalk, erasers, and other school supplies. Teacher Creature overpowered Kirby and was immune to his inhale, but the tides turned when Tiff pointed out that the chalks could be sucked up for the Fighter ability. Fighter Kirby then easily clobbered the mean teacher, defeating him with a Rising Break and taking out the whole school in the process.


Teacher Creature's Japanese name, キョウシイ (Kyoushī), comes from the Japanese word for teacher, きょうし/教師 (Kyōshi).


  • Teacher Creature is one of the few monsters in the original Japanese version that can talk, but all he can say is "It's cool when you wave! (Aogeba Suzushi)". These words are parody of "Aogeba Tōtoshi / Song for the Close of School" as with the Japanese version school song of Dedede Academy.
  • The paper on his body reads "Sparta" in Japanese (スパルタ Suparuta). This is likely a reference to Kekko Kamen, a manga by Go Nagai, since most of the manga takes place in "Sparta Academy".


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