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Can we PLEASE get a confirmation on the trivia entry instead of just changing it back and forth over and over again? Otherwise, the entire entry is going to be removed.--VitalitysigStarry-Eyed WonderVitalitysigtalk


Hello. The last part of the mode should be considered canon as the Kirby 20th Anniversary Encyclopedia talks about Meta Knight fighting Galacta Knight in that story, as something that happened.

I used a free application called Text Scanner to scan some pages of the encyclopedia and get what kanjis are in there, but it's a bit incomplete as the image used was somewhat moved. The stuff I claimed above is perfectly understandable tho, and there is even some other very minor things that would also indicate that their fight happened, but idk if they're worth saying.

(As something unrelated, mentioning that application makes me fear that people might use it to get information about Jap. Kirby guides, books, manga, etc. without sharing it, so if anyone were to aim to do that I would kindly ask them to consider making their progress and readings public for everyone to see. If this wiki had a clear page where I could send the stuff I scanned I would happily contribute with it, though I only got incomplete info on everything so that probably makes it inapplicable) -- Eficiete

That makes sense. We only considered the sub-game as a whole non-canon as it's mostly just a playthrough of other levels in the game (like other extra modes we see as non-canon), but I see no problem with considering the ending and Galacta Knight fight canon.
I'm not sure how a page for translations like that would be organized at the moment, but you could probably make a blog post to host some of these translations if you wish. Paul2 DorkFinal The dorky isocahedron returns. 04:05, July 3, 2020 (UTC)
I'll later make a blog to put untranslated transcripts there, and predict that transcripts like that will be able to become real pages in the future. As for the other minor things that would point out their fight to be canon there is the following;
  • In Triple Deluxe Dark Meta Knight was described in a non-canon mode to be the shadow of the strongest warrior, something fitting to call Meta Knight if he would have defeated Galacta Knight. One could argue that the Meta Knight vs Galacta Knight fight is still non-canon but connected to the also non-canon mode where Dark Meta Knight is fought, but it would seem like a stretch to have 2 non-canon things connected as opposed to 1 non-canon thing making a reference to something canon.
  • The game mode explaination and in-game description make reference to the part of the mode where Meta Knight goes to space to make his wish, which could indicate that part to matter more.
  • Galacta Knight's non-canon trophy in Smash4 says that he fought with Meta Knight in Super Star Ultra. Granted it then says that he's also a boss in The True Arena of Return to Dream Land, but it could be argued that they were aiming to say the first thing as something that happened and the second as something that's kinda there. Smash trophies have a few times shown inconsistencies too.
So, for the second point I would say that their battle alone isn't what's canon but all the last part of the mode, starting with Meta Knight flying into space. Which would explain why Nova is rebuilt. -- Eficiete
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