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Knuckle Joes in the Wild!

  • Those wild Knuckle Joes are one of the most, elflike, fighting creatures in the Kirby series.
  • I love those Knuckle Joes that appear in the wild!
  • Those Knuckle Joes belong to their natural habitats.
  • Those Knuckle Joes loves fighting!

Whatever happened to Knuckle Joe?

  • Knuckle Joe couldn’t move and all he felt was something like his heart had fallen down into his stomach and bounced back up into his throat, beating too fast.
  • Knuckle Joe’s stomach hurts a bit… and he’ll get himself sick (maybe he felt sick and throw up).
  • Knuckle Joe has nightmares (or strange dreams).
  • Knuckle Joe closed his eyes and listened to his heartbeat.
  • Knuckle Joe has nosebleeds. (Reply: How is that possible when he doesn't even have a nose?)
  • There was blood on Knuckle Joe’s face!
  • There were dirt that looks like black, round spots on Knuckle Joe’s face when he's been beaten by Kirby. (Reply: How is that possible?!?)

In the anime

the first time i saw him PURPLE, i was like, "whaat?" and joked about it saying he's a "shiny" knuckle joe .i wanna know other people's reactions, cuz i think they're gonna be funny. ie, my brother yelled at the screen (it's "you had to be there" moment) MagicalChez


Maybe Knuckle Joe's purple color is an enemy coloration. Does it look like rocks to you!? 15:41, July 25, 2011 (UTC)


Has Knuckle Joe ever been a boss in a spin-off game? He should be. If they ever make Kirby's Epic Yarn 2, I'd like Knuckle Joe to be a boss (though the rest of the bosses wouldn't be normal enemies). NerdyBoutKirby Dark Daroach.pngThat's what I am. Savvy? 01:19, October 10, 2011 (UTC)


This page is ruined but I can't fix it! Cheesywhale123 Happy Hollidays! 02:05, January 5, 2012 (UTC)