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Taccoziso is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Taccoziso is a giant red octopus enemy with a droopy forehead and scowling eyes. It has a yellow circular mouth, fins, five visible tentacles, and shiny skin. It also has a key ring attached to its back to hold in its air.


Kirby Mass Attack

Taccoziso appears exclusively in Stage 6 of Dedede Resort. It spits three large cannonballs in quick succession after briefly charging. It cannot be defeated in usual fashion; the Kirbys bounce off the enemy's rubbery body if they touch it. Instead, they must get behind it and grab the key ring on its back, then pull it out. Taccoziso deflates like a balloon and flies off-screen. It drops a single apple when defeated.


Its name, タコッツォ (Takottso), comes from the Japanese word for octopus, タコ/たこ/蛸 (tako); and ッツォ (ttso), the suffix found at the end of Flotzo (フロッツォ) and members of the Shotzo (シャッツォ) family.


  • Taccoziso might share a relationship to Flotzo and Shotzo, as Taccoziso appears to be a larger version of Flotzo and shoots bullets like Shotzo.
  • Taccoziso deflates incorrectly; the key ring is pulled out of the back of its head, yet the air escapes through its underside.

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