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Cruise! Stop! Cruise! Stop!
— Flavor Text • Kirby Air Ride

The Swerve Star is an Air Ride Machine that appears in Kirby Air Ride.

Physical Appearance

As its Japanese name implies, its design resembles the archetype for ruins, specifically referencing ancient Egyptian design. It appears to be made out of brass or golden metallic pyramid-like bricks with an glowing green energy source inside.

General Information

The Swerve Star has excellent top speed, acceleration, braking, and charging speed, but very poor handling and gliding capabilities. The Swerve Star essentially cannot turn and move on the ground at the same time. Upon charging its boost, it stops immediately, and can then turn very quickly. Thanks to its high charging speed and acceleration, it usually exits 90-degree bends and hairpins at full speed upon exiting the charge even when the boost gauge has barely been filled.

Although it has very poor gliding, it can turn rather well in the short time it spends in the air.


Because of its all-or-nothing behavior, when turns are timed properly with accompanying charges, the Swerve Star is extremely responsive, and can be controlled with great precision, giving it the potential to perform very well on all Air Ride courses. The Swerve Star also performs exceptionally well in Drag Race Stadium events due to most of those races not requiring turning.

Due to being to able to stop at any time, camping and pursuing opponents are easily done. The Sword and Needle Copy Abilities compliment this machine, given this, making it a good choice for a skilled player in Kirby Melee, Destruction Derby and VS. King Dedede.

In other games

In Kirby: Canvas Curse, the Swerve Star is one of Paint Roller's drawings.

Related Quotes

This special Machine has two speeds: fast and stop! It can change direction only during boost, but can accelerate to its top speed instantly.
— Air Ride Machine • Kirby Air Ride Instruction Booklet


  • Swerve Star's Japanese name is "Ruins Star," which may be a reference to Rock Star's Japanese name in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Its appearance and angular geometry are similar to Pix's pyramidal spaceship and the futuristic ruins on Rock Star's desert plains.
  • The Swerve Star is one of the two air ride machines that can complete the VS. King Dedede stadium event very easily (the other is the Shadow Star, but requires more work). Utilizing the Needle Copy Ability, a player can finish the stadium event in 10 seconds or less.

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