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This place is a dream come true for the hungry adventurer. Indulge your sweet tooth with donuts and cookies, and be sure to dig into that giant cake. Even the Waddle Doos can't resist the tasty treats in Sweets Park!
— Official guide

Sweets Park is the eighteenth stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn and third in Treat Land, the fourth level in the games. It comes after Mushroom Run and precedes Melody Town.

Sweets Park blends most closely with the rest of Treat Land, being filled with all sorts of sweet treats—cakes, cookies, and flan.

Sweets Park shares the same theme background music as Rainbow Falls.


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Most of the stage is benign apart from a few bottomless pits. The flan does not hurt if it falls on Kirby, and can be broken through by crushing it from above using the Weight form.


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