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The company he built... I will bring it back!
— Susie • Kirby Star Allies

Susie is a character in the Kirby series, debuting as the secondary antagonist of Kirby: Planet Robobot, but would later become an ally. She is the current president and CEO (formerly the executive assistant and secretary) of the Haltmann Works Company, and the daughter of President Haltmann.

Physical Appearance

Susie has a small body with a large round head that floats, because she has no neck. She has a white face with big blue eyes, eyelashes, pink blush, and no mouth or nose. She has straight magenta hair that falls on her back, as well as long bangs, one held back by a golden hair clip. Susie wears a light gray business suit made of the metal Haltonium that wraps around her head almost like a hood. Two blade-like objects with red tips and orange screws connect to the side of the "hood"; these blade-like objects are apparently part of the visor-helmet that Susie wears when piloting her Business Suit mech (or when she steals Star Dream's controller). Susie wears a dark gray pencil skirt with no feet or legs. She has disconnected, floating hands, much like Magolor and Taranza have. She wears yellow-orange gloves that connect to metal cuffs with magenta buttons.


Susie is a sophisticated secretary who works hard at her goals and takes her tasks very seriously, to the point of completing them perfectly. Being more technologically advanced than the natives of Planet Popstar, she feels intellectually superior, being very prideful and egotistical, and hating when she loses. Though she uses etiquette when speaking, her ego occasionally shines through. Although she works hard at her job, Susie neglects things outside of work. She respects physical strength, especially when it works for her cause. She demonstrates "girly" tendencies at times, such as giggling or singing "The Noble Haltmann" out loud when no one is around. Her voice is similar to President Haltmann's in that she has a normal human voice albeit intentionally bitcrushed to get a slightly computerized effect. Similarly, when speaking in text, the letters make beeps as they appear.

Her favorite food is ice cream, to an extent that she begged for the ice cream factory in Overload Ocean to be built. Her hobbies include singing karaoke and playing the piano. She also makes sure to wear her treasure, a golden hair clip with an H written on it, every day.[1] Additionally, Shinya Kumazaki revealed in an interview that her special talent is being able to get dressed five minutes after waking up.[2]

Her Guest Star description in Kirby Star Allies states that she is cool and collected, similarly to Francisca, and that she is all about business.



Susie Kirby.jpg

Susie has a low opinion of Kirby throughout the game, referring to him simply as "native." As a denizen of Dream Land, Kirby is considered unintelligent by the secretary. However, when Star Dream turns sentient and heads into space to eradicate all life, Susie understands that Kirby is incredibly powerful and becomes an ally, giving him an Invader Armor in order to destroy the hostile machine. She also now refers to Kirby with her new nickname, "Pinky." Since then, the two have been on better terms.

In the Kirby of the Stars - Sparkling★Pupupu World Yonkoma manga, Susie's relationship with Kirby is complicated; she's antagonistic towards Kirby, but also appears to have a secret fondness for him, often eating with him or trying to impress him.

Meta Knight

Susie Meta Knight.jpg

After Access Ark shoots down the Halberd, it crashes between two cliffs directly beneath the Haltmann Works Company's mothership. Meta Knight is then captured.[3] Susie has few on-screen interactions with Meta Knight, though she finds his swordplay and might impressive. Remembering that Susie mechanized him, Meta Knight seems to fear her and runs away when she interacts with him, as shown in the title, file select, and menu screens in Kirby Star Allies. Susie appears interested in mechanizing Meta Knight again, or at least doing some sort of experimenting with him, as well as Dark Meta Knight. For this reason, Dark Meta Knight shares his counterpart's apparent fear. As a result, it can be assumed that Meta Knight is still on bad terms with her.

President Haltmann

Susie President Haltmann.jpg

Susie is President Haltmann's daughter and secretary. Despite betraying Haltmann and attempting to sell the Mother Computer’s database, Susie still deeply cares for her father, as she says she did her actions in order to “teach the old man a lesson.” In Japanese, she also mentions wanting to make him pay, and make him come to his senses,[4] suggesting that she was hurt he no longer recognized her as his daughter, and wanted him to see her as such again. President Haltmann loved his daughter and was desperate to see her again. His frequent use of Star Dream's head-mounted controller gradually caused him to lose his memories. When Susie returned as an adult, he did not recognize her as his daughter. However, feeling she was somehow familiar, he appointed her as his secretary.[5]

Star Dream

Susie Star Dream.jpg

Susie wholeheartedly trusts in the Mother Computer's judgment and programs—that is, until Kirby defeats Mecha Knight and Mecha Knight+, both of which shake her faith in the computer. However, this is all a facade, as she secretly planned to sell Star Dream to a start-up company for a huge profit. After it becomes self-aware and poses a threat to the universe, she sides with Kirby.


Before the events of Kirby: Planet Robobot, Susie was with her father, President Haltmann, who had recently begun performing tests on a machine he reactivated known as Star Dream. During one of these tests, presumably one for Star Dream's Space-Time Transport program, a terrible accident occurred, in which Susie was warped into Another Dimension. During her time spent there, she gathered data on the native Sphere Doomers, which she would later use for the Holo Defense API.

Susie eventually somehow returned from Another Dimension after growing up, aiming to be hired by the Haltmann Works Company, and easily passed their difficult exam, all while having no known resume.[6] However, President Haltmann no longer recognized her as his daughter due to losing his memories from the excessive use of an incomplete Star Dream in an attempt to bring her back to life after he thought she died in the incident. Nonetheless, he felt that she was somewhat familiar, and thus hired her as the secretary and executive assistant of his company, making her the only organic life form apart from Haltmann himself to hold a position of power in the company. Susie would later become the overseer of the company's Mechanizing Occupation Project, leading to the events of Kirby: Planet Robobot.


Kirby: Planet Robobot


Susie holds Dedede Clone's capsule.

Detecting a large amount of unused energy and uncivilized natives, the Haltmann Works Company made Planet Popstar the next target of its Mechanizing Occupation Project, easily destroying Castle Dedede and blasting down the Halberd in the process of the invasion, leaving Kirby to go on a quest to restore his home to normal.

Kirby would not encounter Susie herself until Overload Ocean. There, Susie formally introduces herself to Kirby. Remarking her surprise to see a native out there, she explains the cause for the invasion and berates the natives of Popstar for taking its resources for granted, before exclaiming that Kirby must be destroyed. She summons her Business Suit and hops in before doing battle with Kirby in an attempt to eradicate him. Kirby prevails, destroying her Business Suit. After dusting herself off, Susie then calls a Transporter, which lifts her away as she laughs wickedly.

Making his way through Gigabyte Grounds, Kirby encounters Susie again, finding her singing the company's theme song, "The Noble Haltmann," out loud. She notices Kirby, introduces herself once more, and proceeds to tell him a story of when she met a powerful knight. It turns out that Susie had encountered Meta Knight, successfully captured him, and mechanized him into a cyborg security guard for the company, known as Mecha Knight. Susie calls down Mecha Knight, activates him, and uses her Transporter to fly away, leaving him to deal with Kirby.

At Rhythm Route, Kirby crosses paths with Susie yet again. She emerges from the floor, singing "The Noble Haltmann" out loud again, before turning to Kirby's direction. She introduces herself another time, and congratulates Kirby on defeating Mecha Knight, stating that she was impressed. However, she pulls out a capsule containing an orb of a purple, gooey substance, explaining that it was a clone of royal proportions. The Haltmann Works Company had apparently somehow obtained King Dedede's DNA, and used it to create a clone of him. Susie tosses the capsule into the air, unleashing Dedede Clone. She commands the clone to destroy Kirby before flying off with her Transporter.

Kirby eventually destroys all legs of the Access Ark and heads inside, ending up at the company's head office. There, Susie scolds him for entering as if it was his own living room and not having manners. She then calls down an upgraded Mecha Knight, now called Mecha Knight+. Susie tells Kirby of his upgrades before leaving and bidding farewell, forcing Kirby to battle his rival once more.

After freeing Meta Knight from the control of the Haltmann Works Company, Susie returns to the room, completely astonished at the fact that Mecha Knight was defeated twice. Susie then decides to take matters into her own hands, but before she could do so, President Haltmann interrupts. As he heads over to Kirby, she greets him, but he coldly dismisses her. Following her orders, she leaves Kirby to Haltmann.

After Kirby defeats Haltmann, he flies into a rage and accesses Star Dream to terminate him once and for all. He puts on Star Dream's control helmet, but before he could use it, Susie flies in from nowhere and snatches the helmet off his head, causing him to lose consciousness. Susie then reveals that she had secretly been planning to steal Star Dream and sell its entire database to a start-up company for a large sum of money. She then puts the helmet on, but in a surprise turn of events, the machine turns sentient and blasts Susie with a laser, knocking her unconscious. Star Dream then takes control of Haltmann's body, uses it to explain that all life forms in existence must be wiped out to achieve eternal prosperity, and sets off into space.

Susie steals Star Dream's controller.

Susie recovers from the blast shortly afterwards and calls down an Invader Armor. Lamenting the unforeseen events, and refusing to be destroyed by the destructive computer, she tells Kirby to get in the armor and stop Star Dream. Kirby obliges and turns the Invader Armor into the Robobot Armor, before Meta Knight shows up with the Halberd. Kirby's Robobot Armor then absorbs the Halberd, transforming into the Halberd mode. It then sets off to stop Star Dream, with Susie pleading for Kirby to succeed.

After the battle with Star Dream, Kirby's home planet reverts back to normal, along with every other planet the Haltmann Works Company had invaded and mechanized. With things having been dealt with, Susie looks upon the restored world, and flies off into space in her Business Suit.


Susie serves as the boss of Overload Ocean in Story Mode and Meta Knightmare Returns. She pilots a tall battle suit with a screwdriver head at the bottom and two floating arms. Susie's Business Suit is purple and white, while Susie 2.0's is pink and peach with more detailed designs.

Story Mode

Susie's battle has three phases. In the first phase, Susie jumps around in an attempt to land on Kirby, then spins around the field. If Kirby does not defeat her before she is done with these attacks, she jumps into the air and fires explosive screwdriver heads at the ground and spins her arms around her in a wide arc.

When Kirby has depleted almost half of her health, Susie jumps into the center of the stage and rapidly twists the screwdriver head on the bottom of her suit. This raises the center of the stage into a tall column and converts the rest of the stage into a 3D ring. In the second phase, Susie deploys homing Drill Bits, spins around the column, and jumps around the ring with her Drill Bits. These Drill Bits can be inhaled for the Bomb ability.

When Susie is down to approximately 1/5 of her health, she creates four holes in the center column. In the third phase, Susie fires explosives that weave through the holes to confuse the player. Susie covers her head with the suit's hands and flies through the holes in the column. The energy generated inside the column changes the effect of her attack. If the energy is blue, she strikes the ground after exiting the hole, releasing shock waves. If the energy is purple, she will react one of two ways: If Kirby is away from the exit hole, she swoops past the ground outside it, but if Kirby is not, she strikes the ground, releasing taller and longer-lasting shock waves.

When Susie is defeated, her Business Suit explodes, she brushes herself off, and flies away on a getaway propeller, laughing.

Meta Knightmare Returns
Aeon Hero Artwork.png This section contains information that does not coincide with the main series canon. (Similar)

Susie 2.0 is fought in three phases. All of her phases largely reuse her attacks from Story Mode, but with her attacks' speed increased and their order scrambled. In the first phase, Susie 2.0's small spinning move can now cross the stage diagonally while her large spinning move can sway side to side.

In the second phase, Susie 2.0 deploys more explosives, hops more with her explosives, and moves across the circumference of the column more erratically. In the third phase, Susie 2.0 not only deploys more explosives, but also fires an array of them into the air, where they then hit the entire ring one at a time. Susie 2.0 disregards the formula for crashing and not crashing when flying through the column; instead, she now swoops through several times and always crashes when she's done with the pattern, creating blue or purple shockwaves when she strikes the ground. She also specifically aims for the player when doing this.

In Meta Knightmare Returns, Susie and her explosives yield Meta Points when destroyed.

In The True Arena, Kirby can inhale Susie 2.0's screw tips for Bomb or her Drill Bits for Spark.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

Aeon Hero Artwork.png This section contains information that does not coincide with the main series canon. (Similar)

While Susie doesn't make an appearance in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, a doppelganger named Parallel Susie appears as a boss. If the player has save data from Kirby: Planet Robobot, he/she can buy the Haltonium Helm and Susian Bolt Blade in the Shoppe. These pieces of gear are accessible to the Sword Hero class. They are based on Susie's hair and hood, and her battle armor, respectively.

Kirby Battle Royale

Susie can be seen watching over the battles on the Rocket Rumble mode. This cameo can be largely attributed to the mode's space theme, as it ties in with Susie's backstory.

Kirby Star Allies

KSA Susie blocks.jpg

Susie returns as a Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies looking to rebuild the fallen Haltmann Works Company. The English version states that, following in the footsteps of President Haltmann before her, Susie remains undeterred in advancing her mission of mechanizing new planets and people alike. However, the original Japanese version of her Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! description instead states that she'll provide happy lives and family harmony with the power of science, and under such a philosophy, will exterminate the "savages," and makes no specific mention of her continuing Haltmann's plans. Her moves are derived from her boss fight in Kirby: Planet Robobot, her Transporter device, and her H.W.C. Blaster.


Move Controls Description Damage
Kirby Star Allies
H.W.C. Blaster B Susie shoots her blaster. 16
Charge Dash + press and hold B Susie grabs her Transporter and charges it up behind her, akin to Jet's Store Power. 8 (exhaust)
Transporter Burst Charge briefly, then release B Susie rushes forwards with her Transporter, similarly to Jet Dash. 16
Super Transporter Burst Charge longer, then release B 20
Ultra Transporter Burst Charge even longer, then release B 35
Terra Burst Run into a wall during while performing Ultra Transporter Burst Susie releases energy from the Ultra Transporter Burst through her arms, like Jet's Jet Cracker. 46
Aero Cracker B during Ultra Transporter Burst 46
Diving Heart Charge a long time next to an enemy, then press ↑ or → + B Susie grabs the foe and flies in the shape of a heart before slamming the enemy against the ground and tossing them away, akin to Jet's Rocket Dive. 48 (flying), 42 (crash), 45 (thrown object)
Charge Stock A, L, or R after charging for a long time Susie stores up the Transporter charge. 0
Transporter Jump Charge Stock, then A in midair Susie uses the Transporter charge to jump higher and hit opponents above her. 32
Transporter A in midair Susie uses her Transporter, a device with a propeller that she used to fly away after her boss fight, to fly into the air. 6 (2 against bosses)
One-Handed Shot B while performing Transporter Susie fires her H.W.C. Blaster with one hand and holds her Transporter with the other. 16
Business Suit Up ↓ + B Susie presses a button on her remote and deploys her Business Suit. 0
Jump / Double Jump Business Suit Up, then A Susie can jump twice, albeit not very high. 24
Spin Cycle Business Suit Up, then B Susie spins the suit's arms to attack. 16
Spin Cycle Dash ← or → while in Spin Cycle Susie moves around while spinning the suit's arms. 16
Drillbit Business Suit Up, then ↑ + B Susie fires two drillbits in front of her. 16
Driver Slam Business Suit Up, then ↓ + B in midair Susie slams down with the screwdriver on her suit's bottom. 64
Business Suit Stow Business Suit Up, then hold Y, L, or R Susie puts away the Business Suit and travels on foot. 0

Elemental Attributes in Kirby Star Allies

Move Blizzard Bluster Sizzle Splash Zap
H.W.C. Blaster The shots turn into ice crystals that fall to the ground. The shots curve upward. The blaster acts like a flamethrower and can be aimed up or down as the button is held, similar to Fire Mode. The blaster can be charged, releasing a waterball that goes farther with more charge. The blaster's shots bounce along the ground, like Beam Mode.
Spin Cycle The spin creates ice crystals below it. As long as the button is held, the suit can fly freely. The spin creates a fire cyclone. Water droplets are scattered as the suit's arms spin. Lightning strikes the suit and releases a wave as it spins.
Spin Cycle Dash
Drillbit The drillbits release falling icicles. The drillbits loop-de-loop before continuing forward. The drillbits explode in a blaze on impact. The drillbits divebomb and release water droplets on impact. Lightning strikes the impact spots of the drillbits.
Driver Slam Crystallized ice is formed underneath the slam. The slam creates a tornado above it. A blazing explosion surrounds the suit during the slam. Water drops are scattered around the slam. Lightning strikes around the slam point.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Spirit battle

Susie appears as an Advanced-class support spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Her spirit can be obtained by fighting a pink Isabelle and a navy metal Meta Knight. When applied to a fighter, the fighter will have a Beam Sword equipped. In World of Light, she has the ability to open the entrance to the Base sub-world, which is necessary for the player to progress through the mode.


Susie's name is derived from the Japanese word for digit, すうじ/数字 (Sūji). This is meant as a reference to the Haltmann Works Company's use of technology as weaponry. Director Shinya Kumazaki wanted to choose a real woman's name as well. He found that the nickname Susie is frequently used outside of Japan, which coincided with the Haltmann Works Company being foreign to Planet Popstar. Other potential names included Beatrice and Melissa.[8]


Heehee... I didn't expect to see a native inhabitant all the way out here... Excuse my manners. Let me introduce myself. My name is Susie, executive assistant of the Haltmann Works Company. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Just look at this planet. Clean air, fresh water... There is a wealth of natural resources to be found here. But all of you who live in this world take that wealth for granted. Regrettable, but at any rate... Our Mechanizing Occupation Project is now under way... and your people have unfortunately been identified as...obstacles. Our most sincere condolences, and I'm sorry you had to come all this way... but I'm afraid... you must be destroyed!
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
At any rate, I must say, how nice it is to see you again. I'm Susie, but I'm sure you remember me. Let me tell you a story. Not long ago, I met someone who impressed me very much. He was strong and full of confidence... A knight of the highest order. I was so impressed... I gave him a complete remodel! And I hired him as a company security guard. Heehee! I wonder what you'll make of him?
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
Oh, well hello there! We meet again. I'm sure you remember me. Susie? The charming secretary? Yes? Anyhow, I was quite surprised. ...When you reduced my Mecha Knight to scrap. ...Hmph. I guess the Mother Computer isn't perfect after all... Don't worry, though! This next one should quash your rebellion. He was created from the latest in nanogenetic technology. He's ruthless. He's driven. He's...a clone of royal proportions! Heehee! And it seems he has a long-standing grudge against you!
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
This is the Haltmann Works Company's head office. This is the heart of the company. And here you are, as if it was your own living room... You natives need to be taught manners!
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
You know, it's wonderful to work in a perfectly controlled environment. But that's something you'd never understand.
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
Improbable... No... Impossible! A machine made by the Mother Computer lost... Twice! I guess it's time to take matters into my own extremities!
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
Hee! How do I look? Like a cool corporate spy, don't you think? You probably have no idea what I'm saying... Whatever...
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
...This wasn't supposed to happen! No! I won't let it! All I wanted was to steal Star Dream! And teach the old man a lesson. Was that too much to ask? Look at this mess... I'm not going to stand here and be destroyed by some crazy machine!
— Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot

Related Quotes

Executive assistant to the president of the Haltmann Works Company. While her job title is "secretary," she is the stakeholder of the ongoing invasion project.
— Vs. Susie • Kirby: Planet Robobot
As a child, Sue was involved in an accident during a Mother Computer experiment and went missing. Why has she joined the company after all this time? Her full name is Susanna Patrya Haltmann.
— Vs. Susie 2.0 • Kirby: Planet Robobot
"Why did I reactivate such a terrible machine? Oh, I remember--I wanted to see her just one last time. How foolish! I should have known that no machine could make such a dream come true."
— Vs. Star Dream Soul OS (Phase 2, 3 and first half of 4) • Kirby: Planet Robobot
The Executive Assistant for the Haltmann Works Company has to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Susie’s in charge of scheduling meetings, screening calls, and of course, leading the plan to completely mechanize Planet Popstar.
— Description • Play Nintendo
A mysterious woman working as the assistant to the president of the Haltmann Works Company. As the commander of the invading army, she's a force to be reckoned with.
— Instruction manual • Kirby: Planet Robobot
Executive assistant to the president of the Haltmann Works Company. While her job title is "secretary", she leads the ongoing invasion project.
— Vs. Susie (British English version) • Kirby: Planet Robobot
Susie went missing when she was a child, when an experiment with the Mother Computer went horribly wrong. Why has she joined the company after all this time? Her full name is Susanna Patrya Haltmann.
— Vs. Susie 2.0 (British English version) • Kirby: Planet Robobot
Modeled on a certain executive assistant's favorite armor. It forms blades of light using technology from beyond this dimension.
— Weapon Description • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Made of the previously unknown metal Haltonium. This sparkling headdress is filled with a certain someone's hopes.
— Armor Description • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
The exterminator will see you now! No mere secretary, Susie from Kirby: Planet Robobot is capable of corporate restructuring. She’s all business with her Business Suit on, so schedule a meeting and see what she can do!
— Flavor Text • Kirby Star Allies
Cool and collected, Susie from Kirby: Planet Robobot is all business. Following in the footsteps of her employer, she uses science to advance her mission- mechanizing new planets and peoples.
— Guest Star Description • Kirby Star Allies

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese 秘書スージー Officially romanized as Secretary Susie.
English Susie
Traditional Chinese 秘書蘇姿 Translates to Secretary Susie.
Simplified Chinese 秘书苏姿 Translates to Secretary Susie.
Korean 비서 수지 Translates to Secretary Susie.
Russian Сьюзи Translates to Susie.
German Susi Susi. (Pronunciation similar to English.)
Dutch Susie Same as English
French Susie Same as English
Italian Susie Same as English
Spanish Susi Susi. (Pronunciation similar to English.)


Kirby 3DS Theme- Full Top-Screen.png
  • Susie is featured prominently on a Japan-exclusive Nintendo 3DS Theme.[9] The illustrations on the theme show what she does at various points in her day-to-day life. Her daily routine includes the following:
    • 9:00 a.m.: Susie holds a presentation for the Haltmann Works staff.
    • 11:00 a.m.: Susie works on her laptop.
    • 1:00 p.m.: Susie exercises on a treadmill.
    • 3:00 p.m.: Susie reports to President Haltmann.
    • 5:00 p.m.: Susie goes clothes shopping.
    • 8:00 p.m.: Susie sings "The Noble Haltmann."
  • Susie's face is pictured on the 50,000-Haltmann bill.

The Robobot Armor concept arts in the bottom right greatly resemble the Business Suit.

  • Excluding series staples like King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee, Susie is one of the few villains in the series to fight Kirby directly and still leave on peaceful terms when the story is over. Other examples of this are Shadow Kirby, the Squeaks, and Claycia.
    • Susie is also the third secondary antagonist to reform. The first is Daroach and the second is Taranza.
  • Susie's Business Suit is based on two unused pieces of Robobot Armor concept artwork.

Susie appears upset about being replaced.

  • On the Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter account, Susie hosted many announcements regarding Kirby's Blowout Blast around the game's release. In 2018, Francisca took her place as a spokesperson, revealing information about Kirby Star Allies. One post reveals that Susie greatly dislikes that she was replaced.[10]
  • Susie appears alongside Ribbon in one of Stone's transformations in Kirby Star Allies.
  • A Greek-style statue with Susie's face can be created using the Artist ability.
  • Susie’s intro menu in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! is based on the box art of Kirby: Planet Robobot, only with the artwork expanded, Kirby, the Robobot Armor, and Meta Knight missing, and extra technological bits, including the logo of the Haltmann Works Company.
    • Unlike other Dream Friends’ intro menus, Susie’s Guest Star logo in her intro menu has been combined with the logo of the game she originates from. The logo has the Guest Star logo in the center with the technological ring from Kirby: Planet Robobot’s logo surrounding it.
  • In Kirby Star Allies on the title, file select, and menu screens, Susie can sometimes be seen chasing Meta Knight around before Dark Meta Knight shows up, in which whom she then chases after instead. This is a reference to when Susie mechanized Meta Knight into Mecha Knight in Kirby: Planet Robobot.
    • Also in Kirby Star Allies in the title, file select, and menu screens, Susie can sometimes be seen paired with Meta Knight and Kirby as they strike a pose. This is a reference to Kirby: Planet Robobot.
    • Susie chasing Dark Meta Knight might be a reference of how Stock Mecha Knight resembled Dark Meta Knight by color palette.
  • While playing as Susie in Kirby Star Allies, when walking or dashing, Susie emits footstep sounds, despite not having any visible limbs that contact the ground. No other legless playable characters have this trait.




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