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Survival Rush is a sub-game in Kirby Mass Attack. It is unlocked by collecting all the Medals in the game. Once Daroach approaches Kirby and explains the purpose for finding the medals, he will unlock the sub-game in exchange for the medals before he concludes his business on Planet Popstar with Kirby and leaves with the rest of the Squeaks.


Survival Rush is similar to The Arena, The True Arena, and Helper to Hero from Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra. The objective of the game is to defeat all of the major mid-bosses and level bosses that were faced throughout the game. The mid-bosses that the player faces can be reached through one of the three doors the player chooses, and will appear in a random order (excepting Necrodeus, who always comes last in the third door). Each door also requires a certain amount of Kirbys to enter. If the player defeats all of them with at least one Kirby, the player will pass the game with a trophy, and a new record will be created (if one hasn't already been achieved).

The player first starts out with all ten Kirbys, all at full health. Like in most of the battles before, a Kirby will turn blue or turn into an angel if he takes damage.

When not in battle, the player will wait in the lobby. In the lobby are the three doors to the mid-bosses, and a Recovery Ring that can be easily accessed. There are also three Maxim Tomatoes, which can be used if a Kirby has been lost.


The bosses have no order in which to appear, with the exception of Necrodeus, who appears last in door 3.

Door 1

Door one requires one Kirby to enter.

Door 2

Door two requires three Kirbys to enter.

Door 3

Door three requires five Kirbys to enter.



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