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The title screen.

Super NES MG5 is a sub-game included in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is a run through of all of the sub-game Heart Star missions, consisting of challenges delivered by Pitcher Man, Elieel, Caramello, Tamasan, and Chef Kawasaki.

Completing this with a perfect score awards the player with one percent more completion added to the file. This is unlocked by completing the rest of the game.

Like Boss Butch, the play fields are changed around somewhat:

  • Pitcher Man has a rainy play field with water on the ground.
  • Elieel has a snowy play field with blue jars, similar to Iceberg.
  • Caramello appears in a volcano-like room, similar to Pon & Con's room in Boss Butch.
  • Tamasan is in the gray section of the Sand Canyon pyramid (where Kine and the Spark ability would show which doors to enter in the main game).
  • Chef Kawasaki appears inside King Dedede's Castle (specifically in the last two stages of Iceberg).