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Super Bonkers is a mid-boss that debuted in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is notably different than the other Super Ability enemies, as well as Bonkers, its normal counterpart. It has much more health than the original Bonkers, has a more aggressive fighting style, and deals slightly more damage, as well as boasting a darker color scheme.

Physical Appearance

Super Bonkers EX.

In his Super form, Bonkers still wears purple armor, but he now has red trimmings that look like flames adorning his sleeves. Like the other Super Ability enemies, he has a star on his head. Super Bonkers also has black pants with light black detailing stylized as flames near the cuffs. He also wields a slightly pink-hued hammer. A multicolored aura surrounds Super Bonkers' body, just like like the other Super Ability enemies. Upon his defeat, Super Bonkers will give Kirby the Grand Hammer ability.

In Extra Mode, Super Bonkers' armor is black with orange flame-shaped trimmings. His pompadour and pants are red and the trimmings on the pants are orange like the ones on his sleeves. Super Bonkers EX also has a hammer with a metallic silver tone to it. The wooden section of it is red, however.


Super Bonkers retains many of the same attacks that he used in his normal form, but with considerably less delay between attacks. He still uses the same jumping attack, Hammer, explosive coconuts, Hammer Swing, and Hammer Flip from the main game.

In his EX form, Super Bonkers EX uses all of his previous attacks again (and the newly added flying hammer spin with coconuts move), but with more speed and power.


  • Unlike the other Super Ability enemies in the game, Super Bonkers cannot be inhaled to get his ability. As soon as he is dealt the final blow, he explodes, leaving the star for the Grand Hammer ability lying on the ground.
  • Super Bonkers is the only mid-boss not fought in The Arena and The True Arena. This is because of the Grand Hammer ability he holds.
  • Super Bonkers, Water Galboros, and Moundo are the only mid-bosses from Kirby's Return to Dream Land to not appear after Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition.
  • Super Bonkers is the only mid-boss that gives a Super Ability.