Those Stumpees can really be scary when they're rolling right toward you. Look for the wedge chopped out of the Stumpee. Squeeze into the gap to let it pass.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Stumpees are wooden enemies appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. They only appear in Stage 8 of Green Grounds.

Stumpees are encountered a few times throughout the final part of the stage, usually in narrow passageways. They roll around in a set direction, destroying everything in its path, including Metal Blocks. The only way to avoid a Stumpee is to either go above it or go inside the segment it's missing as it rolls. Stumpees cannot be defeated and will instantly crush anything (including a Kirby) if they are unfortunate enough to end up beneath it.

Physical Appearance

Stumpees look like a segment of a log with triangular slice cut out of them. They have a small, stump-like nose, angry black eyes, and a jagged mouth.


Stumpee is derived from the word stump, referencing the fact that Stumpees consist of a tree stump. The -ee suffix is likely diminuitive, since Stumpees are relatively small for a tree stump. Additionally, their name may be a pun on stomp, since Stumpees attack by crushing the Kirbys.


  • Stumpee may be six years old, as it has six rings.

Related Quotes

Be careful when you see any Stumpee rolling toward you in the woods.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack