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Strength is a Transformation that both Kirby and Prince Fluff can take on in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. The two can become this form when pulling zippers, vehicles, or other objects.

Physical Appearance

Kirby becomes a pink tank with red treads while Prince Fluff becomes a blue tank with orange treads. Both of their mouths disappear during this state.


Using the yarn whip on a zipper and moving either left or right will have Kirby or the Prince automatically enter this form and pull on it. Also, in Toy Tracks, Kirby can use the yarn whip on one of the wheels on the car/duck and move either left or right to pull it and use it as a platform. As the Yarn Whip must be used to enter this form, Kirby or the Prince cannot retain their yarn balls if they wish to use this form. The yarn ball can be tossed or put on the ground by crouching.

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