Template:Mixability Double Stone is a Combo Ability in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards obtained by mixing two Stone abilities. The ability allows Kirby to turn into a giant golem. When he is a golem, he is invulnerable, but cannot jump. If Kirby stands on a slope, he will roll down, destroying any enemy he touches. Pressing the attack button while Kirby is a golem will shoot rocks around Kirby. This ability is considered quite powerful.


Attack Name Controls Description Element
Transform B Kirby becomes a rock that will slowly roll. By moving Kirby will become a behemoth sized version of himself and crush anything in his path. By pressing B again Kirby launches all the rock off him and damages enemies. None


  • This ability works similar to how the Stone ability works in the Anime, only Kirby doesn't shoot rocks away and can actually jump.
  • Unique to this game only, the Stone ability have the same effects as this one, only at a much smaller scale.
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