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Stickle is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Stickle is a round fish outwardly similar to Blipper's proportions, but appears to be wearing a teal suit of spiky armor.


Kirby Mass Attack

Stickle first appears in Stage 7 of Dedede Resort. It extends spikes while swimming underwater, making it almost completely invulnerable to the Kirbys' attacks. If the Kirbys touch Stickle in this state, they take damage. If removed from the water, either by a fishing rod or lowering water level, the fish retracts its spikes and flops around defenselessly. It can then be defeated with few Kirbys.

Big Stickle, a giant variant of Stickle, also exists.


Stickle's name seems to come from the stickleback, a type of fish with notable spines on its dorsal fins.


  • A magenta variation of Stickle can be found in Kirby Mass Attack’s code. Its sprites suggest that it would have attacked by leaping out of the water at the Kirbys. A magenta Stickle does appear in the Japanese version's enemy credits, where the enemy demonstrates its jumping ability.[1][2]
    • Present on the same sprite sheet are unused sprites of Stickle ejecting spikes. This suggests that the enemy was originally intended to project and retract its spikes while swimming.