KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the Helper. For the Copy Ability it is a helper of, see Starship.

The Starship is a unique Helper appearing in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It only appears during the two-player mode of Milky Way Wishes (during the battle with Galactic Nova Nucleus) and the two-player mode of Revenge of the King (during the battle with Kabula). It is also the only Helper for a Final Weapon Copy Ability, and unlike all other helpers, Starship does not appear as an enemy anywhere.

Physical Appearance

The Starship looks like a metallic bug with large blue eyes. It is gold, has horns on the top and bottom of its head, and engines in the back of it, all giving it a slight resemblance to Heavy Lobster.


  • The Starship is the only Helper in Kirby Super Star Ultra that is not used in Helper to Hero, due to the fact that it only appears in the battle with Galactic Nova Nucleus, and the battle with Kabula.
  • When the Helper survives the boss, it appears in the next scene as a random playable Helper. This may imply that the Starship is merely being piloted by the Helper from the inside, and that it is not sentient.
  • The Starship is also the only Helper without an equivalent enemy.
  • In Kirby Super Star, the Starship is called "Helper" in its Helper icon. This was fixed in the remake, however, having it share the same name as the ability.
  • Although the Starship was given a unique icon in Kirby Super Star, it re-uses the Starship ability's icons in the remake for reasons unknown.


Other Ability Icons

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