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Those who loved freedom fought mightily against the monsters. They formed armies, and called themselves Star Warriors.
— Meta Knight • A Dark and Stormy Knight

Star Warriors are a group of characters appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. They are heroes who fought against eNeMeE and his monster armies in the great war, thousands of years ago before the actual events in the anime.


Meta Knight's flashbacks in several episodes revealed that the Star Warriors lost the struggle against eNeMeE, and that he thought he was the only surviving Star Warrior veteran from before the great war. However, Kit Cosmos was found to be alive in the episode Island of the Lost Warrior, and much later on, Sir Arthur and his band of knights revealed themselves.

It is not known whether "Star Warrior" is a given title, or a title the members give themselves, but among the surviving Star Warriors during the events of the anime, Kirby and Meta Knight are the most well-known. Despite Kirby's age and inexperience, Kabu already refers to him as one before he even lands on Planet Popstar, so it is possible that Star Warrior is something a character is born into; alternatively, it could be Kabu's precognition. It is unlikely to be hereditary as well, since Knuckle Joe's father is a Star Warrior, but Knuckle Joe himself is not.

Known Members

Allies of Star Warriors

Galaxy Warrior Army

In the Japanese original, the majority of individuals who fought against eNeMeE in the great war were part of the Galaxy Soldier Army. Star Warriors were a minority of them, and may be considered elite members; only Meta Knight, Knuckle Joe's father, and Kirby are known as Star Warriors in the Japanese version.


  • One of the Star Warriors have spiky shoulder pads and has a body like Knuckle Joe. This could be a reference to Iron Mam or Knuckle Joe.
  • One Star Warrior is seen wearing a cyan cloak and helmet and silver shoulder plates. His helmet heavily resembles that of Mace Knight, while his shoulder plates resemble Sirica and Garlude's capes.
  • An unnamed warrior, blue and having wings as well as a moustache and bushy eyebrows, looks strikingly similar to Bronto Burt despite the obviously good amount of differences in terms of appearance.
  • An unnamed warrior, tall, wearing blue armor, and generally humanoid in appearance, is depicted at first with a white plume and cape. Later, in a flashback about Knuckle Joe's father, his cape and plume are red.
  • Another unnamed warrior, also humanoid in appearance, this one having a head and arms resembling an eagle's own head and wings, is depicted at first having gray feathers, a teal beak and bodysuit, violet eyes, a blue visor, and a green chestplate and carrying a gold axe. The same flashback about Knuckle Joe's father later depicts him as heaving brown feathers, a yellow beak and visor, white eyes, a gray bodysuit, a red chestplate and a silver axe instead.
  • The term Star Warrior has only been used in one video game to date: Bye-Bye BOXBOY! The unlockable comic So Close, Yet... sees the protagonist, Qbby, using several Copy Abilities before Kirby finds him. The comic's description reads: "The power of the Star Warriors finally belongs to Qbby!"[1]