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Catch the stars coming from the center with the paddles. If you catch a bomb, the Star Catcher game ends.
— Bonus Games • Kirby's Block Ball Instruction Booklet

Star Catcher is a sub-game that appears in Kirby's Block Ball. To activate it, Kirby must find a Warp Star hidden in a stage and touch it. He will be taken to one of four sub-games, and the player may choose Star Catcher.

Paddles inhabit the walls, floor, and ceiling. Kirby will land on the bottom paddle, then leap into the center of the screen. When the sub-game begins, Kirby will fire stars and bombs in random directions. He will fire one at a time, turning between each shot. The player must move the paddles to catch the stars, which there are 30 of altogether—every ten stars the player collects earns him/her one 1UP, making it possible to earn a total of three extra lives.

The sub-game ends when Kirby stops launching stars or when the player catches a bomb.

When the sub-game is over, Kirby mounts his Warp Star again and returns to the stage he left.

Related Quotes

For each 10 stars you touch in the Star Catcher game, you'll win a 1-up. If you touch a bomb, though, your chances will go boom.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #83)


  • This is the only sub-game in Kirby's Block Ball to offer a bonus for full completion.