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Star Allies Sparkler is a secret technique based on the warmth of giving hearts. The desire to save everyone in the galaxy transforms into a sparkling star... which heads straight for the final boss!
— Flavor text • Kirby Star Allies

The Star Allies Sparkler is a Friend Ability and Final Weapon in Kirby Star Allies. It is used by Kirby and his three friends in the battle against the first and third phases of Void Termina.

Physical Appearance

The weapon's body is shaped like a star cut vertically in half, with the driver filling the gap. The vehicle's rear is decorated with brightly-colored objects that look like feathers, and the outmost corner of each star half is branded with a white, star-like insignia. If the driver is Kirby, he wears a pink, heart-shaped visor over his face, while the remaining friends sit on the star's trail.

General Information

Kirby and Birdon on the Star Allies Sparkler.

The Star Allies Sparkler is an advanced version of the Friend Star that is created after Hyness revives Void Termina; to form it, Kirby combines a regular Friend Star with the four legendary Heart Spears that Hyness refers to. The Star Allies Sparkler is used solely in the first and third phases of Void Termina's battles.

Since Void Termina's first and third phases are fought in a three-dimensional arena, the Star Allies Sparkler is able to move left, right, forward, and backward. It is also able to jump, and even double jump if desired; these jumps are floaty, allowing the Star Allies to dodge Void Termina's attacks. If it appears that an attack can not be avoided, however, the Star Allies Sparkler can perform a spin, rendering it briefly invincible to all damage.

The Star Allies Sparkler also has a few options in terms of attacking. Its basic attack shoots out a single star-shaped projectile, which can either be manually aimed or locked onto a target to home into it. If this move is charged up, a stronger, double star projectile will be shot that has the same aiming options. These projectiles are affected by Copy Abilities in the same way as the Star Shots from the Friend Star. In multiplayer, if everyone holds the attack button and releases it simultaneously, the Star Allies Sparkler will fire a devastating laser.


Move Controls Description
Sparkler Comet B The Star Allies Sparkler shoots a small, star-shaped projectile that homes in on the target.
Sparkler Starshot Press and hold B, and then release The Star Allies Sparkler shoots a large projectile consisting of two intertwining stars that homes in on the target.
Team Star Allies! All hold B, then release at the same time The Star Allies Sparkler shoots a giant laser that adjusts itself to follow the target.
Rider Switch X The friend behind the driver moves to the front, and the current driver moves to the back.
Sparkler Turn L/R The Star Allies Sparkler spins (counter)clockwise, avoiding all damage. It can move while spinning, and this move can also be performed in midair.

Related Quotes

The friends have joined to create the legendary Star Allies Sparkler and confront the chaotic darkness!
— Loading screen • Kirby Star Allies
There's NO WAY we can lose after making it this far! Let fly the Sparkler Starshot, brave Kirby, and finish your final foe!
— Flavor text • Kirby Star Allies


  • The Star Allies Sparkler is much like the Halberd was in Kirby: Planet Robobot in the final battle against Star Dream; both are shooter-styled weapons that double as a vehicle, and both are used exclusively in the final fight.
  • The Star Allies Sparkler's feather design bears a slight resemblance to that of the Dragoon.
  • Kirby is the only character that wears the heart-shaped visor. If a friend or Dream Friend is driving, the visor will be absent.
  • The Sparkler Turn move is similar to the Barrel Roll from the Star Fox series.


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