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The little spiked plant that often comes in stacks is called a Stactus. There's a quick way to defeat it. Take out the top head. It will bring down all the others.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Stactus is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Stactus is a small green cactus-like creature. It has four droopy needles, a pink flower on top of its head, two eyes with black crescent-shaped pupils, and small stubby arms. Its standard expression is a cheery smile.

Stactus also has orange and teal variants. Teal Stactus permanently has its spikes exposed.


Kirby Mass Attack

Stactus primarily appears in Sandy Canyon, being the most common enemy seen on that island. Stacti are presumed to be ruled over by the queen of the desert, Lady Ivy.

Stactus generally sits in one spot, though some slowly inch forward. As its name suggests, it has a tendency to stack atop other members of its species, becoming a tower of enemies. Stactus' attacks by charging up and extending its spikes. Any Kirby that comes in contact with these thorns takes damage. When the enemy is vulnerable, it takes only a few Kirbys to defeat.

There are three main types of Stacti:

  • Green Stactus is often found alone and can be defeated fairly simply.
  • Orange Stactus sits atop a tower of green or teal Stacti. Defeating the orange one automatically crushes the rest of the Stacti beneath, but defeating a green one below it causes the stack to split up into separate enemies. Orange Stactus is much stronger than the green variant.
  • Teal Stactus appears as the foundation of a stack topped by an orange Stactus. It permanently has its spikes extended, meaning that the Kirbys cannot directly defeat it. Instead, they must crush it by pulling down the orange Stactus above or using Invincible Candy.


Stactus' name is a portmanteau of the words "stack," referencing its ability to stack atop other Stacti, and "cactus," referencing its appearance.

Its Japanese name, カクサン (Kakusan), comes from cactus, カクタス (Kakutasu).

Related Quotes

This cowardly chap uses spikes on its body to keep enemies at bay. It also likes to stack itself up into a tower.
— Official European Kirby Mass Attack website[1]

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  • One piece of official artwork depicts Stactus with pink feet similar to Kirby's. As the enemy does not have feet in-game, it is unknown why this artwork exists.