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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the henchmen of the Squeaks. For the gang of antagonists in Kirby: Squeak Squad, see Squeaks. For the robotic hazard in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, see Squeaky Hammer Machine.

My friends moving down below are known as the Squeakers. They do most of the intel gathering around here. They're the ones who found out where most of the medals are. But the Squeakers are timid, so that leaves only you to get those medals for me!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

The Squeakers make up the bulk of the Squeaks, and appear in Kirby: Squeak Squad and as a cameo in Kirby Mass Attack, as well as in Kirby Star Allies. They make up the lowest rank in Daroach's gang, but there is a very large number of them. Ghost Kirby's ability to control his enemies won't work on them.

There are four colors of Squeakers: blue, green, yellow, and red. The color of the Squeaker determines its special abilities. Squeakers only appear under special circumstances - In a room with a big chest, the Squeakers will replace all of the original enemies in the room to impede Kirby's progress, so one of the high-ranking Squeaks can catch up to Kirby.

Red Squeakers were not present in the retail version except in the cutscene at King Dedede's castle and the Smash Ride sub-game.

In Kirby Mass Attack, Squeakers appear on the bottom of the Touch Screen when the Kirbys are talking to Daroach in his airship. Daroach also mentions that the Squeakers are field agents who search for medals across the Popopo Islands.

In Kirby Star Allies, Daroach can summon Squeakers that will hop around. They can only be summoned when Spinni has already been summoned.

Physical Appearance

Squeakers are small mouse-like creatures that are simple in appearance. Their bodies are shaped similar to that of a tadpole's and they will either be seen colored blue, yellow, or green. Their faces are a peach color and they have two shiny eyes and a mouth. They have two large ears on the top of their heads. Squeakers lack limbs, and have small tails.


  • Yellow Squeakers are capable of jumping in mid-air. They actively pursue Kirby, potentially running into pits or spikes themselves when doing so. In some levels, lone Yellow Squeakers can be found with a large Treasure Chest in tow.
  • Green Squeakers throw normal sized bombs, similar to the ones that Bomb Kirby throws. They can still steal Treasure Chests like the yellow version, but only if the Treasure Chest is near it, they can still throw bombs as a means of defense even in this state.
  • Blue Squeakers only appear in the Squeaks treasure areas and throw giant, powerful bombs. They throw slower than Green Squeakers and the bombs take longer to detonate and have to be Super Inhaled.
  • Red Squeakers are listed in the enemy data despite not being used in the main game; they can be loaded through hacking like any other Squeaker. Its behavior is somewhat of a combination of the green and the yellow Squeaker. It can double jump, but not infinitely like the yellow Squeaker, and it will throw normal-sized bombs just like the green Squeaker. Red Squeakers' only appearances outside of hacking are in the cutscene after Kirby defeats King Dedede and in the Smash Ride sub-game.


Squeakers comes from the onomatopoeia for the sound a mouse makes, squeak.

Their Japanese name, チューリン (Chūrin), comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a mouse makes, チュー (Chū).

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese チューリン Translates to Chulin.
English Squeaker
German Squeaker Same as English.
French Squeaker
Kirby: Squeak Squad

Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Same as English.
Kirby: Squeak Squad

Derived from "souris," the French word for "mouse."
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Italian Squeaker Same as English.
Spanish Squeaker Same as English.


  • Even though they are never seen in the final game, red Squeakers appear in many debug rooms.
  • A blue Squeaker appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This sticker increases Direct Attack by 4 when applied by anybody.
  • As seen in the early concept art, Squeakers were originally going to have feet.


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