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The icon for the Splash element

Splash is an element in the Kirby series.

General Information

Splash is the water-based element. Copy Abilities such as Water and Parasol excel at using this element, but it can also be found in other abilities and Dream Friends. Splash is used for extinguishing Fire Blocks and destroying Electro Saws, and is very effective against fire- and electricity-based enemies.

Copy Ability Moves
KSA Water Ability Icon.png
All moves
KSA Parasol Ability Icon.png
Parasol Swing
KSA Cleaning Ability Icon.png
Clean Pitch
Clean Nago
KSA Ninja Ability Icon.png
Stealth Water Gun
Dream Friends
KSA Rick & Kine & Coo Icon.png
Fish Flop
KSA Gooey Icon.png
Quick Lick
Flicker Lick
Snack Lick
Parasol Gooey
KSA Three Mage-Sisters Icon.png
Shaken Soda Blaster


Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies brings a greater focus on using abilities in tandem with one another in order to create Friend Abilities. The Splash element is found in Water, Parasol's Parasol Swing, Cleaning's Clean Pitch and Clean Nago, Ninja's Stealth Water Gun, Kine's Fish Flop, and Gooey's Quick Lick, Flicker Lick, Snack Lick, and Parasol Gooey. Splash can extinguish fires and destroy Electro Saws. Splash can be used in conjunction with the following Copy Abilities and Dream Friends to perform these Friend Abilities:

Thunder Splash initiates Plasma's Plasma Barrier, and causes electrified balls of water to fly out. Splash Curling initiates a unique version of Stone Change, Stone Rick, or Stone Gooey, turning them into curling stones that roll along the ground while sending water droplets upward. The other Friend Abilities serve the same purpose as the Sword and Bomb Ability Scrolls from Kirby Squeak Squad, simply adding the element to the base moveset. However, Splash also adds additional modifications, such as producing damging water droplets that splash outwards from attacks. Like other elements, Splash increases the strength of all attacks by 25%.