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Poppy Bros. Jr. spirit

Spirits are collectible characters in the Super Smash Bros. series, taking the place of trophies in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

General information

Only found in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, spirits can be collected by winning battles in World of Light. Much like their name implies, spirits are the remaining essences of characters after losing their physical form. Spirits have one main purpose: they can be applied to a fighter to augment his/her abilities. Spirits come in four categories: novice, advanced, ace, and legend. These determine the potency of the applied effects.

Below is a list of every Kirby-related spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Any spirit can be applied to any character unless stated otherwise.

List of Kirby-related spirits

Name Image/Artwork Spirit Class Type Effect
Angry Scarfy Kar scarfytransform Primary Advanced Shield Unflinching Charged Smashes
Bandana Waddle Dee KRtDL Bandana Waddle Dee Primary Ace Neutral Battering Items ↑
Bomber Bomber-0 Support Advanced N/A Bomber Equipped
Bonkers Bonkers2 Primary Ace Attack None
Bronto Burt KSSU Bronto Burt Artwork transparent Support Novice N/A Floaty Jumps
Bugzzy Bugzzy Support Advanced N/A Strong Throw
Chef Kawasaki Kawasaki SSU Support Ace N/A Stats ↑ ↑ After Eating
ChuChu 1543204521785 Support Novice N/A Super Leaf Equipped
Coo 1543204295022 Support Advanced N/A Air Defense ↑
Dark Daroach KSqSq DarkDaroach Primary Legend Attack Fire & Explosion Attack ↑
Dark Matter 1543204027640 Primary Legend Attack None
Dark Mind Dark Mind Support Ace N/A Franklin Badge Equipped
Daroach KSqSq Daroachartwork Primary Ace Attack None
Dragoon Dragoon small Support Legend N/A Giant Killer
Dyna Blade KSS Dyna Blade Primary Legend Shield Jump ↑
Elline KatRC Elline artwork2 Support Advanced N/A Fairy Bottle Equipped
Galacta Knight KSSU Galacta Knight Primary Legend Shield Sword Attack ↑
Gooey 1543204394270 Primary Advanced Neutral None
Gordo KSSU Gordo Primary Advanced Shield None
Gryll KStSt Gryll artwork Primary Novice Grab None
Halberd Halberd Spirit Support Legend N/A Armor Knight
Heavy Lobster KSSU Heavy Lobster Primary Advanced Shield None
Kine 1543204195571 Support Advanced N/A Toss & Meteor
Knuckle Joe Knucklejoe Primary Ace Attack Fist Attack ↑
Kracko Kracko Primary Advanced Grab Electric Attack ↑
Landia Landi7a Primary Advanced Attack Jump ↑
Magolor KRTDL Captain Primary Ace Attack None
Marx KSS Marx artwork Primary Advanced Grab None
Marx (True Form) KSS MarxWings artwork Primary Legend Grab Magic Attack ↑
Masked Dedede KSSU Masked Dedede artwork Primary Ace Attack None
Meta-Knights 4-knights Primary Ace Neutral Sword Attack ↑
Moley KMA Moley artwork transparent Support Novice N/A Drill Equipped
Mr. Frosty Mr. Frosty Support Novice N/A Freezie Equipped
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright KNiDL Mr. Shine and Mr Bright Primary Advanced Neutral Fire Attack ↑
Nago 1543204890998 Primary Novice Grab None
Nightmare’s Power Orb KNiDL Nightmare orb artwork 2 Primary Advanced Grab None
Nightmare Wizard KNiDL Nightmare Wizard Primary Legend Grab Jam FS Charge
Pitch 1543204676549 Support Novice N/A Unira Equipped
Plasma Wisp Plasmawisp Support Novice N/A Hothead Equipped
Poppy Bros. Jr. KSS Yellow Poppy Bros. Jr. artwork Primary Novice Grab None
Prince Fluff Key Prince Fluff Primary Novice Grab Weight ↓
Queen Sectonia KTD Queen Sectonia artwork Primary Ace Grab None
Rick Rick2 Support Advanced N/A Stats ↑ After Eating
Robobot Armor KPR Robobot Support Advanced N/A Weapon Attack ↑
Rocky Rocky Support Novice N/A Instadrop
Star Rod Starrod Support Ace N/A First-Strike Advantage
Scarfy KNiD Scarfy Primary Novice Shield None
Susie KPR Susie artwork 2 Support Advanced N/A Beam Sword Equipped
Tac Tac Support Advanced N/A Item Gravitation
The Three Mage-Sisters Spirit Mages Support Advanced N/A Battering Items ↑
Ultra Sword KRtDL Ultra Sword Support Ace N/A Chance of Double Final Smash
Waddle Dee KSSU Waddle Dee artwork 2 Primary Advanced Neutral None
Waddle Doo KSS Waddle Doo artwork Primary Novice Attack None
Warp Star WarpstarKSSU Support Advanced N/A Super Launch Star Equipped
Wheelie Wheelie Support Advanced N/A Dash Attack ↑
Whispy Woods Whispy Woods (Play Nintendo) Primary Ace Shield Fire Weakness

List of Kirby-related fighter spirits

Name Image/Artwork Description
King Dedede KRtDL Dedede artwork
Kirby Kirby KSSU
Meta Knight KPR Meta Knight artwork

List of Kirby-related spirit battles

Spirit battles that appear in the World of Light mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Spirit Fighter Stage Theme Rule Conditions
ChuChu Jigglypuff (pink bow palette) Dream Land 64 Planet Popstar (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
  • The floor is sticky
Dark Mind Reflect Ganondorf (blue palette) Kalos Pokémon League Curry-Filled
  • The enemy reflects projectiles
  • The enemy's explosion and fire attacks have increased power
  • The enemy breathes fire after a little while
Elline Palutena (pink palette) Rainbow Cruise Butter Building (Brawl)
  • The enemy is mini
Gordo King Dedede (cyan color palette) Green Greens
  • The enemy's side special has increased power
  • The enemy favors side specials
  • The enemy is invisible
Kine Squirtle (blue palette) Wuhu Island Buoyancy Reduced
  • You can't swim
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Freezie
Magolor Robin (blue male palette) Halberd CROWNED
  • The stage will suddently flip
  • The enemy's magic attacks have increased power
Meta-Knights Meta Knight Team Halberd
  • Stamina battle
  • Reinforcements will appear during the battle
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Killing Edge
Nightmare's Power Orb Giant Kirby (black palette) Fountain of Dreams Assist Trophy Enemies
  • Hostile assist trophies will appear after a little while
  • The enemy is giant
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Star Rod
Poppy Bros. Jr Young Link X2 (blue palette) Yoshi's Island Green Greens (for 3DS and Wii U)
  • The enemy's down special has increased power
  • The enemy favors down specials in the air
Star Rod Kirby Team (yellow palette) Fountain of Dreams Gourmet Race (Melee)
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Star Rod
Susie Isabelle (pink palette) and Metal Meta Knight (navy palette) Halberd Pink Ball Activate!
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Beam Sword
Tac Villager Team The Great Cave Offensive
  • Timed battle
  • The enemy can deal damage by dashing into you
  • The enemy has increased move speed
The Three Mage-Sisters Robin (female yellow palette) Dream Land 64
  • The enemy’s special moves have increased power