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You know those Spire Vines that grow tall, then shrink? Well, look for the purple Spire Vines. There's one around here that, if you topple it when it's shorter, will smash through to a medal.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Spire Vines are common plants that appear in Kirby Mass Attack. They first appear in Stage 2 of Green Grounds, and reappear in Stage 9 of the same area, as well as in Stage 2 of Sandy Canyon.


Kirby Mass Attack

Spire Vines come in three types: Orange, purple, and giant.

The red spire vines are the most common type, and the Kirbys can climb onto it and knock it down, in which doing so will release items trapped inside of it.

The purple ones are essentially the same. The only difference is that they will continuously grow taller and shorter. If a Metal Block is present, the Kirbys have to wait until it is at the right height before knocking down the Spire Vine in order to get the item stuck in the block.

The large ones can be grabbed onto, and, instead of bursting upon impact, will roll across the stage, knocking out any foes that come in contact with it.

In Sandy Canyon, Spire Vines start out as seeds, and cannot be used unless the Flickerfloof rains on them. The large ones, however, will grow into a brownish Spire Vine of the normal size before turning into a large Spire Vine. So, the Flickerfloof needs to rain on it twice, instead, otherwise the large Spire Vine can't be used to reach the medal in the stage it appears in.


  • The Kirbys can walk right through a fully-grown Spire Vine, but cannot walk through a semi-grown Spire Vine.