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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the giant Geg that is practically invincible. For other uses, see Geg (disambiguation).

One of the giant Spiky Gegs will chase you with a vengeance. Don't let him catch up with you. But don't miss out on the medal that you'll pass as you run.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Spiky Geg is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. He is a member of the Geg family.

Physical Appearance

Spiky Geg is a colossal purple egg covered in spikes. He has menacing, bird-like eyes which show through holes cracked in his body. He flies using a pair of insect-like wings.


Kirby Mass Attack


Due to events that occur in Green Grounds, Big Birdee and her family harbor a grudge against the Kirbys. This changes in Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon when the youngest members of the family, the Wee Birdees, are kidnapped by the Gegs. Big Birdee is grief-stricken by this. The Kirbys break the Wee Birdees out of a cage, defeat their Geg captors, and return them to their mother. This ends the Birdee family's dispute with the heroes.

In this stage, if enough Kirbys are KO'd that a Wee Birdee is left unattended, the player receives an immediate Game Over.

As an enemy

Spiky Geg appears exclusively in Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon. He is the least common type of Geg. He slowly flies after the Kirbys horizontally, smashing through any obstacle in his way—including Metal Blocks. One touch from a this enemy can instantly KO a Kirby. Spiky Geg is invincible and can only be defeated using Invincible Candy. As such, when one approaches, the Kirbys should run away or hide out of reach to avoid being massacred. Certain medals are only obtainable by taking advantage of Spiky Geg's destruction.


Spiky Geg's name is an anagram of the word egg, referencing his egg-like appearance. The spiky part of his name refers to the spikes lining his body.


  • Spiky Geg is the only Geg to have a confirmed gender.