If you catch a glimmer of treasure behind a spiderweb, go in carefully. The owner of that web might just drop in when you least expect it. Tear down the web fast, or get ready to face some fangs!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Spideroo[1] (Spiderdoo in Europe) is a regular enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. If any Kirbys come by, it will drop down and try to grab one before slowly retreating back up. If the other Kirbys do not pull it down and defeat it in time, it will slam the captured Kirby down, KOing him in one hit. A similar attack is used by Turbites, enemies in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. As such, this monster can be moderately dangerous. While it usually hangs down from a fixed position, Spideroo will appear whenever Kirby tries to pull a web cocoon off a spider web, and these can move horizontally while being suspended by its thread.

Physical Appearance

Spideroo is very similar in appearance to Como as both are spiders with three eyes, but Spideroo has a blue or sometimes green color scheme instead of orange-brown. Notably, Spideroo also has much larger mandibles than Como, which it uses to grab Kirbys. They have a banded body and six spherical legs, and a large pair of mandibles. If they appear from off-screen, there is always a rustle of green leaves before they appear. Otherwise, they are seen clearly hanging by a spider thread at the top of the screen.

Related Quotes

Lurking in the shadows, it descends to carry off its prey. It's stubborn, so once it has something in its clutches, it won't want to let go.
— Official European Kirby Mass Attack website[2]





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