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If you catch a glimmer of treasure behind a spiderweb, go in carefully. The owner of that web might just drop in when you least expect it. Tear down the web fast, or get ready to face some fangs!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Spideroo[1] (Spiderdoo in Europe) is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Spideroo is a banded spider-like creature. It has three shiny eyes that are most often in an angry expression, two sharp mandibles, and six spherical legs. Some Spideroos are blue with purple stripes, while others are green with yellow stripes. Spideroo overall is similar in appearance to Como.


Kirby Mass Attack

Spideroo appears in many stages, starting with Stage 3 of Green Grounds. It hangs from a strand of webbing (which is often invisible). It has a number of different attacks which it uses in different stages.

Spideroo's primary attack is dropping down once a Kirby is below and snatching him up. It then slowly ascends. If it successfully pulls him off the top of the screen, it KOs him and drops him back to the ground. The player has time to save his/her captured Kirby by flicking the other Kirbys at it; the spider drops further with each hero that clings onto it. Spideroo takes several Kirbys or several attempts from a few to be defeated.

Other Spideroos attack by swinging in an parabolic arc and snatching Kirbys who run underneath. Still other spiders remain in place and drop spikeballs on the group, occasionally darting off-screen to retrieve more.

Green Spideroo appears if the Kirbys touch a cocoon on its web. It gradually climbs toward the interfering Kirby(s), grabs one, and immediately pulls him off-screen to KO him. Green Spideroo is particularly vulnerable, as one Kirby can defeat it with little effort.

Related Quotes

Lurking in the shadows, it descends to carry off its prey. It's stubborn, so once it has something in its clutches, it won't want to let go.
— Official European Kirby Mass Attack website[2]