What predator is more impressive? None shall escape such a hunter! You can spin threads with skill to execute the Friend Bounce, which will get your friends up high. Ready, set...jump!
— Flavor text • Kirby Star Allies

Spider is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities, first appearing in Kirby Star Allies.

General Information

The Spider ability allows Kirby to utilize spider webs to trap enemies. The webs themselves linger for a few seconds after being released, and any non-invincible enemy that comes into contact with a web will be encased in a web themselves. Once trapped, enemies can either be kicked into other enemies or be grabbed and thrown. Kirby and his friends can bounce off the webs created by Spider's attacks to gain extra height in a Friend Ability called Friend Bounce.


Move Controls Description Damage
String Shot B Kirby shoots a string at a downwards trajectory that encases enemies in pods upon contact. 16
Net Work Hold B and release Kirby charges and creates a large web around himself, encasing enemies in pods upon contact. 22
Skyward Web Up + B Kirby shoots a web needle above himself. 16
Web Sling Dash + B Kirby shoots a web in front of him, encasing enemies in pods upon contact. 18 (initial attack), 8 (web projectiles)
Web Scatter Dash + B in midair Kirby shoots three small webs in front of him, encasing enemies in pods upon contact. 18 (initial attack), 8 (web projectiles)
Downward Web Down + B in midair Kirby shoots a large web below himself. 18
Pod Kick Touching a pod Kirby kicks the pod, defeating the trapped enemy, and also damaging any enemies in the way. 48
Pod Snatch B near a pod Kirby grabs the pod. 16 (held object)
Pod Slam Pod Snatch + B / Pod Snatch + forward Kirby slams the pod in front of himself, damaging any enemies in contact, then throws the pod forward. 48 (slam, thrown object)
Pod Slamabam Pod Snatch + Up, Left, or Down Kirby slams the pod in front and behind himself repeatedly, damaging any enemies on contact, then throws the pod forward. 48 (slam, thrown object)
Pod Guard L or R Kirby encases himself in a pod. The pod juts out spikes on contact with an enemy, damaging them. Releasing the guard also damages any nearby enemies. Kirby cannot dodge using this guard. 16 (Counterattack, Guard End)

Friend Abilities

Friend Ability Mix Description Damage
Bouncy Web None Kirby makes a heart-shaped web above himself. 18
Friend Bounce Anyone Kirby or his friends can jump on his heart-shaped web to bounce upward, either straight or diagonally. The move is not confined to only this web; any web can be Friend-Bounced off of by pressing the jump button while over any web. They are invincible during the jump. 32 (upward), 48 (diagonal)

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese スパイダー Translates to Spider.
English Spider
Traditional Chinese 蜘蛛 Translates to Spider.
German Spinne Translates to Spider.
French Araignée Translates to Spider.
Italian Ragno Translates to Spider.
Spanish Araña Translates to Spider.


  • This ability is similar to the Poison ability from Kirby: Planet Robobot, as both of them have moves designed to set traps for enemies.
    • Coincidentally, both are also purple in appearance and have animal-themed headgear.
  • Spider is one of two Copy Abilities whose guard move is explicitly designed to damage enemies on contact, the other being Bell.
  • Spider, along with Animal, Cutter, and Circus, are the only abilities to include eyes as part as their design.
  • Skyward Web is very similar to Needle's Mega Needle.





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