Kirby Super Star Ultra Special Edition Blooper Reel

Kirby Super Star Ultra Special Edition Blooper Reel.wmv

The Special-Edition Blooper Reel is a movie in Kirby Super Star Ultra that is unlocked for viewing in the Theater after beating The True Arena. The scenes consist of cutscene bloopers from the various sub-games.

After each scene, a noise that sounds like laughter is played in the background.

The individual scenes are the following:

  • Spring Breeze blooper: After King Dedede and his troops flee with their food loot, Kirby jumps up to hop on his Warp Star, but misses and falls to the ground. It continues to hover in the air, waiting for a rider.
  • Dyna Blade blooper: Kirby is seen resting under a tree. Dyna Blade quickly flies by, causing a bug to fall on him (as opposed to an apple in the original scene). Kirby gasps for air, but the bug covers his face as the shocked Lovelies watch.
  • Gourmet Race blooper: King Dedede tosses a cake and apple into the air to eat them, but misses when he tries to chomp down on them. He looks down at the off-screen mess as he slowly realizes he lost his food in showing off.
  • Great Cave Offensive blooper: Kirby falls into The Great Cave Offensive, and awakens at the bottom; however, his backpack falls on his head, causing him to fall back to sleep in disorientation.
  • Great Cave Offensive ending blooper: Kirby flies back up the hole on his Warp Star, only to run into a Rocky (who was sitting on top of the entrance that Kirby fell down before), causing Kirby to fall back down the hole.
  • Revenge of Meta Knight blooper: The main deck of the Halberd explodes after Kirby destroys Main Cannon #2, but as Kirby flies off of the main deck and to the left wing of the Halberd he crashes into a part of the destroyed Main Cannon #2.
  • Revenge of Meta Knight ending blooper: Kirby's Wheelie Helper escapes from the Halberd and lands on a ledge, but Kirby isn't on it. Kirby is seen missing the ledge during his descent, and splashes into the sea below. Wheelie then rides away without Kirby.
  • Milky Way Wishes blooper: Marx appears bouncing on his ball to tell Kirby how to stop the sun and moon from fighting, but before he can speak, he fumbles and falls off the ball that he was bouncing on.


  • Most of the scenes involve situations where Kirby gets hurt in the aftermath.
  • The music that plays in the Blooper Reel is a remix of the music heard during the introduction of Gourmet Race.
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