Thrust it! Throw it! Twist it! This ability is imbued with the spirits of the old masters.
— Collectible description • Kirby Battle Royale

Spear is a Copy Ability that was introduced in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

The Spear ability grants Kirby use of a long spear. He can continuously jab at enemies in front of and behind him, and also throw an infinite amount of spears. By charging up the spear, Kirby can twirl it above him to fly for a short time.

Spear is highly similar to Sword in basic attacks, but it lacks those which give Kirby short-term invulnerability in exchange for increased range, a hover ability, and a few long-range throwing moves in place of the Sword Beam.

The Spear ability returns in Kirby: Triple Deluxe and has remained mostly unchanged; however, the Triple Throw was removed, and Kirby can now move when preparing to throw a spear instead.

Although Spear doesn't return as a Copy Ability in Kirby Star Allies, Bandana Waddle Dee, who can be summoned as a Dream Friend, uses the Spear ability exclusively.

It is also one of the few abilities that may be used in the water, along with Sword, Parasol, Hammer, UFO, Master, Bell, and Staff.


Move Controls Description Element Damage
Spear Thrust Button 1/B Kirby thrusts the spear forward; this has slightly longer range than Sword's basic attack. None 18
Back Thrust Thrust, then face opposite + Button 1/B Kirby thrusts the spear the other way, which has the same effect as Spear Thrust. None 18
Skyward Thrust ↑ + Button 1/B Kirby thrusts the spear upwards; this has the same range as Spear Thrust. None 18 (1st hit far), 12 (1st hit near), 15 (2nd hit (near only))
Moon Drop (midair) ↓ + button 1/B Kirby flashes the spear and twirls it downwards towards the ground. None 20 (1st hit), 17 (2nd hit)
Spear Throw Dash + Button 1/B Kirby throws one spear in a short distance. None 24
Spear Barrage Dash, then while midair press Button 1/B repeatedly Kirby throws two spears in succession, each having varying distances. None 24 per spear
Triple Throw Dash + Hold Button 1 Kirby throws three spears at once in a spread. None 30
Multispear Attack Button 1/B repeatedly Kirby unleashes a flurry of forward jabs with the spear before finishing with a powerful thrust, the Pinpoint Thrust. Similar to Sword's Multisword Slash. Comboed from Spear Thrust. None 8 (1st hit not comboed), 7 (1st hit comboed, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th hits), 28 (6th hit near), 32 (6th hit far)
Spear Copter Hold Button 1/B, then release Kirby twirls the spear above his head and hovers like a helicopter. Anything touching the spinning spear takes damage. The hover ends after six seconds, and Kirby slows the twirling and lands. None 7 (1st hit), 6 (repeat hits)
Underwater Thrust (underwater) Button 1 Same as Thrust, but executed underwater. None
Surface Thrust (underwater) ↑ + Button 1 Same as Skyward Thrust, but executed underwater. None
Underwater Downward Thrust (underwater) ↓ + button 1 Same as Moon Drop, but executed underwater. None

Kirby Battle Royale Moveset

Move Controls Description Damage (Robo Bonkers)
Spear Thrust B Kirby thrusts his spear forward 35
Multispear Attack B + B Kirby rapidly jabs with his spear. 30x4
Pinpoint Thrust B + B + B Kirby finishes his rapid jabbing with a final thrust. 120
Windmill B during jump Kirby spins his spear below him. Similar to Spear Copter, but is used for attacking opponents from above. 45
Gale Thrust Hold/release B Kirby charges up his spear, and then performs a powerful lunging thrust forward. 340
Spear Throw Y Kirby throws his spear forward. 140


Flavor Texts

GameFlavor text
KRtDL Logo
Raise your spear and lead the charge! Bust out Spear Barrages and Moon Drops! Use it underwater! Spin it around and take flight!
KTD logo
The spear is a true warrior's weapon. Multispear Attack! Spear Throw! Moon Drop! The spear ability puts all these moves and more at your disposal. You can even use the spear underwater!
Thrust it! Throw it! Twist it! This ability is imbued with the spirits of the old masters.

Related Quotes

Attack with spear thrusts, throws, and spins!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll
That spear... Did you join the Waddle Dee army or something?! Spears are great for both thrusting and throwing? Get the point?!
— Knuckle Joe • Kirby Battle Royale
Thrust, spin, throw! Take on your rivals any way you choose with this versatile weapon.
— Official Kirby Battle Royale Website

In Other Languages

The meaning of the name of the Spear ability is very consistent throughout other languages. Its Japanese name is スピア (Supia), meaning Spear. Similarly, its German name, Speer, Spanish name, Lanza, French name, Lance, and Italian name, Lancia, all mean Spear.





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