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Within the safety of the gyroscopic lightning shield, Kirby can walk sideways, but the force field's radius will shrink.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #134)

Spark + Spark (also called Super Electric Energy Field[1] or Giant Spark[2]) is a Power Combo used in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It is made by a combination of two Spark enemies. Once used, Kirby initially produces a regular Spark field, but in a moment it expands into three rings, somewhat like how electrons were traditionally represented in an atom. The rings move around him, and should an enemy come into contact with them, it will get zapped by a lightning bolt coming from Kirby. This cannot damage bosses, and only the initial regular-spark field can hurt them.

When using Spark + Spark, Kirby can walk around slowly, but the energy field will shrink. He also can't jump while using the move.


Move Controls Description Element
Spark + Spark B Kirby shoots electricity all around himself. It is physically the same as normal Spark, but with a larger range. Also, if an enemy gets too close to the sphere, they will be zapped with a lightning bolt. Zap

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Kirby forms a giant electric field around himself and can zap anything that touches it.
— Description • Official Strategy guide
By meditating, Kirby surrounds himself with a giant ball of electricity that no enemy can withstand. The ball shrinks a little when Kirby walks with it, so be careful.
— Description • Official Strategy guide