Shock your enemies!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Spark is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities that allows him to surround himself in sparks of electricity, shocking any enemy that comes near.

General Information

Plasma and Spark are sometimes seen as interchangeable, as Spark had later begun exhibiting properties previously seen only in Plasma. In the anime series, Spark Kirby uses long distance attacks like Plasma's energy blasts. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, the upgraded Spark allows Kirby to charge up and fire a long-range attack. Spark is considered to be Plasma's answer to more defensive abilities like Needle or Freeze. Their own ability caps also had very similar designs, implying a larger connection. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Plasma's moves from Kirby Super Star were fully integrated into Spark, effectively merging the two abilities.

In earlier appearances, this ability didn't create a field of electricity but rather shot small, exploding blasts of electricity from Kirby (or Sparky). Since Kirby's Dream Land 3, it was changed into a shocking force field, sometimes with sparks trailing across the ground.

In Kirby's Dream Course, Spark is the most powerful offensive ability, as it is the only means of defeating Whispy Woods and Kracko. However, it has no effect against Gordo. Some holes are designed to be very difficult if Kirby cannot smash through multiple Whispy Woods in his path. Unlike other abilities in the game, it does not modify Kirby's movement or speed at all.

Spark is a Mode for Robobot Armor in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element Damage (
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Damage (
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Spark Attack
B/Y/1/Hold stylus Kirby immediately stops and projects an electric shield around him. This will block most projectiles.
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Kirby can move slowly while spark is active. While moving, its range decreases.
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Spark can be charged like Plasma. When charged slightly Kirby creates an electric field. With the Spark Scroll it can be charged fully which allows it to be thrown when dashing like Plasma Wave, or unleash a large electric field.
Electricity 8 (1st hit), 7 (repeat hits) 11 (1st hit), 4 (repeat hits)
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Charge Power
D-pad / shake Wiimote Builds Kirby's charge exactly like Plasma. Shaking the Wiimote means Kirby can move while charging, unlike previous incarnations of Plasma / Spark in Kirby Super Star or Kirby: Squeak Squad. Electricity
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Spark Arrow
Short Charge Power + Button 1 Equivalent of Plasma Arrow. Kirby fires off an electric arrow and drains all of his Charge Power. This time however, it flies until it moves off-screen. Electricity 8 7
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Spark Laser
Medium Charge Power + Button 1 Equivalent of Plasma Laser. Kirby fires off a large, powerful arrow which moves quickly and goes through enemies. The attack drains all of his Charge Power. Electricity 18 15
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Spark Wave
Long Charge Power + Button 1 Equivalent of Plasma Wave. Kirby fires his Spark Barrier and drains all of his Charge Power. Projectile is large, goes through enemies and walls, and travels fast. Electricity 40 38
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Spark Barrier
(passive) Medium / Long Charge Power Equivalent of Plasma Barrier. As long as Kirby has enough Charge Power, a shimmering electric shield surrounds him, protecting him against enemies and projectiles by dealing damage to them. It is even more powerful than Plasma's version, as this time he is completely invulnerable to enemies, even if he runs into them quickly. It does not protect against certain hazards, such as spikes and falling rocks. Damage weakens the shield, and it disappears if Kirby uses any of his attacks. Maximum charge gives Kirby a shield as large as his basic Spark Attack, which makes offensive use easier since he can now effectively move around with the same effect. Electricity 8 (1st hit), 7 (repeat hits) 7
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↑ + Button 1/↑ + B/Tap with stylus Projects a vertical thunderbolt upwards from Kirby's hat. Works like Lightning Rod. This attack has nearly infinite range in Kirby's Return to Dream land, but has very limited range in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Electricity 14 13
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Lightning Strike
(midair) ↓ + Button 1 Projects a vertical thunderbolt downwards. Like Thunderbolt, this attack has nearly infinite range in Kirby's Return to Dream land, but has very limited range in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Electricity 16 16

Animal Friends

Move Controls Description Element
Rick B/Y Rick fires an electricity whip from his mouth, in a way similar to Beam. Electricity KDL3 Spark Rick sprite KDL2 Spark Rick sprite
KDL2 Spark Rick sprite 2
Coo B/Y Coo and his partner shoot a lightning bolt at the ground. Coo will lose altitude while using this move. In the sequel, Coo will not fall. Electricity KDL3 Spark Coo sprite KDL2 Spark Coo sprite
KDL2 Spark Coo sprite 2
Kine B/Y Kine sticks a light bulb out from his mouth and is free to move about as normal, although he cannot turn. This power will light up dark areas, and when B/Y is released create an explosive projectile. In the sequel it will not launch off, but after a while, will explode in Kine's mouth. Electricity KDL3 Spark Kine sprite KDL2 Spark Kine sprite
KDL2 Spark Kine sprite 2
Nago B/Y Nago rubs his partner, building up a static charge, they can then move around freely and sparks will shoot out and damage enemies. Electricity KDL3 Spark Nago sprite
ChuChu B/Y ChuChu aims with her arm and launches an electric blast. When charged, the blast will bounce off slopes. This attack is similar to Laser. Electricity KDL3 Spark ChuChu sprite
Pitch B/Y Pitch becomes an RC toy that his partner steers. He will damage anything he touches while in vehicle mode. His partner is left exposed while using this ability. Electricity KDL3 Spark Pitch sprite

Robobot Armor Mode

Move Controls Description Element
Sharpshooter Release B The Robobot Armor fires an electric shot. Electricity
Cannon Blast Hold B a little longer, and then release The Robobot Armor fires a larger electric shot. Electricity
Super Cannon Blast B + mash D-Pad, and then release The Robobot Armor releases a wide energy beam. Electricity

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!


Spark Kirby in the anime

In Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Kirby has green skin. The crown is changed slightly to just a round blue orb in a simple circlet. It also becomes more of a long-distance defense move like Plasma, with Kirby launching orbs of crackling energy and shooting electric beams at his foes. He also retains the ability to sprout electricity from his body exactly like in the games. In the transformation sequence, the orb slams onto Kirby's forehead. The top of his head catches on blue fire. The blue fire disappears as soon as the blue sparks appear and Kirby turns green. Spark is one of two abilities in the anime to successfully defeat a threat every time Kirby uses it (the other being Crash).

Transformation Sequence

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
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Kirby can create fireworks-like sparks from his body! This is a great defense!
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Shoot sparks! Hold to hover!
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Electricity in your hands! Shake the Wii Remote to create a Spark Barrier! Zap foes from above with a Lightning Strike!
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Mash on the +Control Pad, charge up your power, and create an energy barrier! With the Spark ability, you can even fire plasma shots through the terrain!
Mash on the +Control Pad, charge up your power, and create an energy barrier! With the Spark ability, you can even fire plasma shots!

Related Quotes

This electrical attack paralyzes!
— Intro description • Kirby's Adventure
A shocking surge of electric power! Watch out for the Cannon Blast!
— In-game description for the Spark Mode of Robobot Armor • Kirby: Planet Robobot


  • In its artwork from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, it appears to have a design later seen in the anime. This was corrected in later artwork.
    • Curiously, the Spark ability was not used in the anime until the end of the show's run. By that time, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land was over a year old. It is likely that Spark Kirby's anime design was finalized before the game was released and long before it was featured in any episodes.
  • In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the electricity on Spark's hat solidifies.
  • More enemies yield the Spark ability than any other Copy Ability in the series, with a total of 18 (12 enemies carry the ability themselves, six shoot projectiles that carry the ability).
  • The flavor text for Spark in Kirby: Triple Deluxe references the fact that Spark's moveset has been merged with that of Plasma.
  • Spark's appearance in Kirby's Dream Land 2 is very similar to the Kirby on the cover of Kirby's Block Ball.




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