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The Space Oohroo have a spaceship. If you get one too, you could fly after them. I've heard that those apes have left behind pieces of a blueprint that they used to make their ship. If you could piece together the blueprint, you could blast off in search of medals. You don't need to find all eight pieces of the blueprint before you try to piece it together. But I bet your ship will be sturdier if you do.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

The spaceship is a vehicle in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

The spaceship is a giant pink rocket with a bulbous nose. It has three red orbs for landing gear. The side of the vessel sports a door with a star at the top and four portholes. Three panels on the nose can open to reveal laser cannons. The ship's interior contains five desks with five technologically advanced computer monitors and seven seats. Three massive orange buttons hang from the ceiling.


Kirby Mass Attack

The spaceship appears exclusively in Stages 10 and 11 of Volcano Valley. A craft designed by the Space Oohroo, its blueprints are dismantled by its creators when the Kirbys enter their base. The apes take eight of the nine blueprints and hide them around the facility. The Kirbys have the choice to retrieve some or all of the blueprints to build the ship. They must first arrange them in the correct order on a grid and then construct the vessel with a wrench.

When the spaceship is assembled, the Kirbys board and fly it into outer space. On its journey, the ship must defend itself against asteroids and miniature Flying Saucers piloted by Space Oohroo. To fire a laser, a Kirby must be flicked into one of the three buttons on the ship's ceiling. Each button is coordinated with one of the three cannons. If the spaceship takes too many hits from oncoming projectiles, it explodes, KOing all the Kirbys. The vessel's hit points are determined by the number of blueprints the Kirbys collected.

After blasting these hazards, the Kirbys catch up with the Mothership that stole a crucial switch. The two vessels do battle, resulting in the Mothership exploding and releasing the switch. The Kirbys speed after it.

In Stage 11, an asteroid strikes and severely damages the spaceship, forcing it to land on an alien planet. It expels the Kirbys before depressurizing and shutting down.


  • When the spaceship shuts down, its front portholes droop slightly, as if the vehicle itself is sad.



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