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The Space Oohroo may look like dumb apes, but they're actually very smart.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Space Oohroo is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is an Oohroo wearing a space suit.

Physical Appearance

Space Oohroo is a short ape creature with peach-colored skin and purple fur. It wears a spacesuit around its body like a bubble. A visor covers its eyes, making it look more artificial. The creature's limbs are not covered by its suit.


Kirby Mass Attack


When the Kirbys arrive in Stage 10 of Volcano Valley, two Space Oohroo are seen loitering by a large switch. These enemies are startled and steal the switch, tossing it into their Mothership and flying away. The Kirbys must hit this switch to continue their adventure, so they look for a space craft of their own with which to pursue the Space Oohroo. They invade a ground base run by other Space Oohroo. Three of these enemies detect them and tear up the schematics for another spaceship, then flee with them. The Kirbys collect them and build their vessel, then chase after the Mothership.

After a battle, the Mothership is destroyed and releases the switch. An asteroid strikes the Kirbys' ship, however, so they must crash land on a nearby moon. They are soon led to a much larger base operated by Space Oohroo. The Kirbys run into one who signals an alarm. The heroes later find a group of Oohroo eating bananas from Volcano Valley.

After escaping the base, the Kirbys find and hit the switch they were seeking, granting them passage to Stage 9.

As an enemy

Space Oohroo appears exclusively in Stages 10 and 11 of Volcano Valley. It attacks like a regular Oohroo by flailing its arms wildly for a period of time before tiring out. The Kirbys can then pile on it.

Flying Saucers release Space Oohroo into the Kirbys' spaceship if given enough time.

Related Quotes

The bananas here in Volcano Valley are the sweetest in the universe. I bet the Oohroo from Green Grounds would love to get their hands on them. But those guys are pretty determined. Wouldn't surprise me if the Oohroo found a way to get to them.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack