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...because it was never localized to English in official sources.

Space Mosomoso is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is an extraterrestrial variant of Mosomoso.

Physical Appearance

Space Mosomoso is a white fuzzy creature with innocent eyes and rosy cheeks. It is limbless and has no visible mouth or nose.


Kirby Mass Attack

Space Mosomoso appears exclusively in Stages 6 and 11 of Volcano Valley—though the former stage contains one, the species primarily lives in outer space. Like its Popopo Islands equivalent, it juts out spikes that can damage the Kirbys. It bears several differences, however: its spikes jut out a full 360 degrees rather than 180, and it does not drift down from the sky. It instead takes advantage of low gravity by drifting about with spikes extended; this, combined with the extended period its spikes are engaged, makes it a danger for the Kirbys.

When vulnerable, Space Mosomoso is can be defeated by a single Kirby.