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This is one of Kracko's distant relatives. He attacks along with his Li'l Krackos.
— Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Space Kracko is a mid-boss appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn and its remake, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. He is the boss of Space Land's Outer Rings level.

Physical Appearance

Space Kracko looks similar to his normal counterpart, Kracko. However, Space Kracko is black in appearance and has twelve orange spikes. He has a green and black button eye. His coloring is similar to Mecha Kracko From Kirby: Squeak Squad.


Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Space Kracko has a wide array of attacks. His most basic attack is shooting many comets from his eyes. Kirby must simply shoot these to avoid him. After being hit enough times, Space Kracko will electrify himself and try to ram into Kirby and Prince Fluff. Space Kracko can also go to the middle of the screen and create four long beam waves that move in a circular pattern. This attack can be easily dodged by moving to the far left or right side of the screen. Space Kracko's final attack includes creating a ball of energy and using it to create a huge thunderbolt. Space Kracko will then chase Kirby and the prince. This attack can be dodged by moving to the far side of the screen.

In order to defeat Space Kracko, Kirby and Prince Fluff will have to use their Rocket form and keep on shooting him. The enemy will shrink in size twice before eventually exploding, giving Kirby the final treasure, the music played in Outer Rings.


  • His Cast Description erroneously states he is fought with Li'l Krackos. In reality, he attacks with comets instead.