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Battle your best and keep it lively! The king expects nothing less.
— Soldier Waddle Dee • Kirby Battle Royale

Soldier Waddle Dee is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale. He is a Waddle Dee who holds a position in King Dedede's royal military.

Physical Appearance

Soldier Waddle Dee looks like an average Waddle Dee. He wears a purple peaked cap with a brass spike on its top, a chin strap, and King Dedede's insignia on its front. He wields a spear.

Some Soldier Waddle Dees have blue or green fur.


Kirby Battle Royale

Soldier Waddle Dee appears exclusively in the game's Story Mode, The Cake Royale. Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee first meet one after disembarking the Warp Star in the introduction. In order to enter Dedede's stadium and compete in the tournament, the hero must first prove himself by beating the Waddle Dee in a one-on-one Apple Scramble match. Kirby does so and is allowed inside.

Soldier Waddle Dees most often act as guards in Dedede's stadium or throne room. They use their authority to prevent trouble rather than their spears. Two serve as gatekeepers, preventing unqualified competitors from entering Qualifier Battles. One gives Dedede updates on Kirby's (and Meta Knight's) progress in the competition.

A blue Soldier Waddle Dee gives Kirby tips about the game's mechanics.

Soldier Waddle Dees act as the opponents in some Qualifier Battles, mainly the one in the Beginner's League. A blue soldier serves as Dedede's partner in the Platinum League qualifier, and both a blue and a green soldier accompany the king in his penultimate battle. These opponents have the same moveset as the Spear ability.


All Soldier Waddle Dees respect King Dedede and value their positions. Three notable Soldier Waddle Dees have personalities that evolve as the game progresses:

  • The blue soldier greets Kirby after his second win and offers his full support. He values strategy in battle over brute force and believes fighting wisely can be the key to defeating strong adversaries. When Kirby speaks with him, he gives the player tips for combat.
  • The left gatekeeper respects the king and values his position. He generally gives Kirby words of encouragement, even from the start. As the pink puff rises to higher leagues, the left gatekeeper becomes Kirby's "biggest fan"—a fact that he understands is heresy.
  • The right gatekeeper is said to be a junior gatekeeper. He respects Dedede, but unlike his partner, his loyalty to the king makes him more brash and disrespectful; he often tells Kirby more discouraging sentiments and hopes that the hero will lose to please Dedede. After Meta Knight formally announces his participation in the tournament, the right gatekeeper reveals that he is a fanatic about the swordsman. He roots for Kirby to win the tournament by the end of the game.


Who knew we'd have so many of you round battlers show up? Doesn't seem to faze Waddle Doo at the check-in desk though.
— Soldier Waddle Dee • Kirby Battle Royale
Keep working on your battle skills. That way you'll keep winning!
— Soldier Waddle Dee (left gatekeeper) • Kirby Battle Royale
I serve the king, so I shouldn't be saying this. But I like the way you battle. I'm your biggest fan!
— Soldier Waddle Dee (left gatekeeper) • Kirby Battle Royale
Bet it'll make the king laugh if you lose big time in there.
— Soldier Waddle Dee (right gatekeeper) • Kirby Battle Royale
I never thought I’d see Meta Knight battle with my own eyes! Thank you, Your Majesty!
— Soldier Waddle Dee (right gatekeeper) • Kirby Battle Royale
Hey, you over there! I watched your last battle. That was an amazing win! I think you'll do even better if you get a few battle tips. I'll be on guard over there if you want to hear 'em.
— Soldier Waddle Dee (blue) • Kirby Battle Royale
No matter who your opponent is, you can win with a good strategy.
— Soldier Waddle Dee (blue) • Kirby Battle Royale


  • Soldier Waddle Dees are considered imposing to regular Waddle Dees. This is learned during the Kirby Battle Royale’s introduction; one Waddle Dee is so afraid of the stadium's entrance gatekeeper that he refuses to even approach him.