Hates its sleep being interrupted and will fire vicious venom at anyone who disturbs it.
— Official European Kirby Mass Attack website[1][2]

Snoozroot is an enemy that appears only in Kirby Mass Attack. They can be found mostly in Green Grounds and Sandy Canyon, with occasional appearances elsewhere.

Physical Appearance

Snoozroot is a plant-like enemy that has a bead-like stem with two leaves at the base, an ovular head, yellow cheek blushes, large yellow lips, and a red bow on its head. They have four variations: Snoozroot, Sand Snoozroot, Puke Snoozroot, and Fire Snoozroot. The Puke Snoozroot is colored purple instead of green, with light brown blushes and lips instead of yellow; before firing venom at the Kirbys, its head will swell up and become large and a dark red. Sand Snoozroot is colored orange with light brown lips and cheeks. The Fire Snoozroot is colored light orange, has cyan lips and cheeks, and its bow is now purple instead of red; when cooled down, its light orange color changes to blue.


Kirby Mass Attack

Snoozroot can grow out of the ground or ceiling. Some hide under Jerkweeds or disguise themselves as Spinwheel Flowers. Snoozroot's primary trait is its drowsiness; it is often found sleeping, but when approached, it wakes up and prepare to attack. Snoozroot's behavior depends on its color.

Normal Snoozroots, green in color, attack by spitting poison globs at the Kirbys, much like those launched by Posura. If a Kirby is hit by a glob, he gets encapsulated and flails wildly; the player has only a few seconds to rescue him by rapidly tapping him. If he is not rescued, he is KO'd. This Snoozroot appears in Green Grounds.

Puke Snoozroots, purple in color, attack slightly different. Their heads will begin to grow larger, and turn red. They spit three poison blobs accompanied by propellers. Puke Snoozroots only appear in Stage 2 of Green Grounds.

Sand Snoozroots, orange in color, launch sand, which covers up the entire screen for a while, making it hard to see. It is to the player's advantage to defeat them before they launch sand. When defeated, the sand will immediately clear up. They often fight alongside Gegs, making it harder to distinguish them. This Snoozroot can be found in Sandy Canyon.

Fire Snoozroots, red in color, appear in Volcano Valley, which shoot small balls of fire. These can incinerate the Kirbys if they do not douse the flames in a body of water. Like most fiery enemies in the game, a water bubble can stun and debilitate the foe. One particular Fire Snoozroot is ablaze and must be cooled off before it can be defeated.

All Snoozroots require a few Kirbys for a quick defeat.


Snoozroot's name is a portmanteau of the words snooze, which refers to its habit of sleeping, and root, which refers to the fact that it is a plant.

Related Quotes

You know those little plants that are always dozing off? They're Snoozroots. Probably best to mess with them only when they're sleeping.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack




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