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Snooter is a common enemy that appears in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad. It is a yellow, two-footed creature with big, green lips. Snooters make their first appearance in the stage Rainbow Route in the former game. Snooters walk around calmly unless Kirby hits them with a weak attack. When this happens, they will become angry, turn red, and start running around really fast for a while. Snooters also eat nearby food items or batteries. If Kirby gets too close to them, the Snooter will chew on him and then spit him out. When Kirby is spat out, he is not able to move unless he hits the ground or a wall, and he only takes damage if he hits a hard surface. This makes Snooter a tad more dangerous when on narrow ledges as Kirby can fall in the abyss. If a Snooter has a Kirby and another Kirby defeats that Snooter with the Kirby inside, that Kirby will be freed and not sustain any damage.

Physical Appearance

Snooter is a greenish creature with two legs and a large mouth with more vividly green-colored lips. Their angry form, which they assume when attacked, is red.


Snooter's name comes from the word "snooty," which means pompous, referencing its appearance and behavior.

Its Japanese name, ビルゲ (Biruge), comes from the Japanese word for lips, くちびる/唇 (kuchibiru), and the Japanese word for lunch, ひるげ/昼餉 (hiruge).

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
German Schluckwatt --
French Morvux --
Spanish Babosín --


  • If Kirby obtains the Ghost ability and possesses a Snooter, he can do anything the Snooter can. However, there are a couple things to note:
    • If Kirby's Snooter eats food, Kirby will not get healed. Also, if Kirby's Snooter eats a 1UP, Kirby will not get an extra life.
    • Kirby's Snooter is immune to most forms of ramming since he can chew on enemies. But if Kirby's Snooter enters Anger Mode, he will become vulnerable to any attack.
  • Snooter makes a cameo in Kirby Super Star Ultra, in the crowd of the arena where Kirby fights King Dedede.