Slippery handling makes for tough control.
— Slick Star's Flavor Text • Kirby: Air Ride

The Slick Star is an Air Ride Machine that appears in Kirby Air Ride.

The machine's name is a reference to its slippery traction, which is the worst (along with handling, with the exception of Swerve Star) in the game. It looks like a circular lavender base that looks like yarn with 3 pink orbs around it.

The Slick Star has one factor that makes it unique from every other vehicle: It does not stop when the player begins charging the boost gauge; it will keep moving in the same direction. It has extremely poor turning ability when traveling normally, but its course adjusts easily when the player presses the A button. Similar to the Swerve Star, but the Swerve Star has no turning ability unless it comes to a complete stop and is charging.

The Slick Star is not preferred for melee matches due to the fact that it must always be moving. Since it cannot stop, the player will glide past opponents that they want to strike. Abilities such as Sword and Plasma become difficult to aim, especially when opponents may be using other vehicles that allow them to turn easily.

When taking damage, there is a certain amount of time in which Kirby cannot perform any actions. This can be particularly troublesome or helpful to a player using the Slick Star, depending on the situation. Opponents will take advantage of a vehicle losing most, if not all of its speed (like the Bulk Star usually does) when taking damage. The Slick Star does not suffer from this due to the fact that it must always be moving, allowing the player to get away from attacks that may otherwise KO them. This can be harmful, however, in the case that the Slick Star becomes trapped in a corner. Due to always moving, when the Slick Star takes damage, the direction it is currently traveling in may jumble.

In City Trial, the Slick Star's best use is in Drag Races. With Handling upgrades, it becomes better in other Stadium events. Aditionally, if the player gets enough glide patches while using the Slick Star, it can go really high.

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