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Glide=50 }}
Glide=50 }}
[[Category:Air Machines]]
[[Category:Air Machines]]
[[Category:Kirby Air Ride]]
[[Category:Kirby Air Ride]]

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Slippery handling makes for tough control.
— Slick Star's Flavor Text • Kirby: Air Ride

The Slick Star is an air machine that appears in Kirby Air Ride. It is known for its bad traction.


The machine's name is a reference to its slippery traction, which is the worst (along with handling, with the exception of Swerve Star) in the game.


KAR Patch HP 49
KAR Patch Offense 41
KAR Patch Charge 61
KAR Patch Defense 46
KAR Patch Turn 19
KAR Patch TopSpeed 67
KAR Patch Boost 55
KAR Patch Weight 46
KAR Patch Glide 50
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