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SlicerDicer is a mechanical monster that was created by Nightmare Enterprises for King Dedede in the episode Cooking Up Trouble. It is built from several food processors. Its special ability is sucking in ingredients with its fingers and chutes and spewing them out from them as foods. It is also shown to be very vulnerable from the inside. Dedede bought the food processors for the Cappy men, who wanted to learn how to cook, and eventually hosted an all-man cooking contest as part of his plan to unleash SlicerDicer. Kirby eventually showed up with the last food processor, which allowed Dedede to activate SlicerDicer's transformation sequence. Controlled by Dedede and Escargoon from its control base, it figured the best way to Kirby's finish was through his stomach. It gave Kirby quite a pounding and Kirby couldn't stop eating the food it supplied him with so it could get his guard down and whack him around. But Meta Knight stabbed SlicerDicer's foot and caused sparks to fly out, which allowed Kirby to become Spark Kirby. Kirby then went inside SlicerDicer via chutes and electrocuted it from the inside, destroying it.

Physical Appearance and Abilities

SlicerDicer is a large robotic being. It is made from several white food processors with silver linings and some yellow spheres on them, one with King Dedede's face on it. The food processors themselves make up SlicerDicer's hands, body, "wings", head, and feet. The control room inside SlicerDicer's head serves as a control center for the robot. It can suck food up through its back or "hands", and shoot the food out as a well-prepared meal or dessert.


  • SlicerDicer's Japanese name may be a reference to the popular super robot franchise Mazinger Z.
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